wedding’s eve

{hi tan. i miss u.}

wedding’s eve + my freaking awesome rehearsal dinner fiesta.

You know how I love my themes . . . wedding parties and events are not excluded from this fascination. Or anything really.

A big thank you to Mardine + Dave for hosting the soiree at their beautiful home, setting up, decorating and offering the West Valley Fire House for our wedding rehearsal. We could not have done it without you!

Syd + Mike – you kept us in line, you kept us going. You made sure we knew who we were, where we were and what the heck we were supposed to do next. We’re a big and rowdy bunch. I love and appreciate your ability to keep the control and for getting us through the weekend . . . and somehow smiling all the way through. And if you didn’t, you sure fooled me.

Another mucho gracias to Ronda + Austin Walters . . . you guys were there with me, and for me, throughout the entire wedding week {and before and beyond}. From campers, to bartending, to behind-the-scenes tequila and last minute beer/bouquet runs. I love you both more than I can say. The weekend would not, could not, have gone as smooth without you.

and now . . . we fiesta.

{i know, right?}

{ a few of the name rowdy hosers in attendance}

{the view. no buildings. wowing all the seattlites. even myself a little.}


{didn’t have to tell anyone twice.}

{the lovely couple doling out the thank you’s}

{personalizing kicks. poppin’ tags. fiesting. it’s how we rolled.}

{MVPs of the night}


Cha Cha all,

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