::Yakima Wedding Pictures::

Okay so I know I’ve totally been a bad bride. Like, real bad. I’ve just been wedding’d out to be quite honest. I recently found a new Yakima Brides Journey Down the Aisle in Kalea Harrison’s new blog . . . perfect for picking up where I left off. And a cute little kick in the butt to finally post my pics! I hope you all find what you need in her posts, I think she’ll be a great continuation of what I started in Yakima for all the to-be’s and wedding pros.

I have had a wonderful time with this blog and it really opened my eyes (and addiction) to the blogging world. I’m proud to say I started here. My final post will include many, many wedding photos from my big day, courtesy of my fab photogs over at Stone Castle Photography. Thank you all for sticking with me through the thick and thin, I appreciate your support, readership and feedback.

A big “MWAH” to you all. Enjoy the loveliness and to the “to-be’s” happy planning.

more family pictures {love}

all our friends and family helped make us who we are today – we wanted to show them how much they mean to us then – today – and always

::addicted to pictures::



 we used un-traditional vows so I made him a vow booklet and included the things I love about him 

new family

new family

my girls


 Coach’s Crew – thank you to all Seattle Storm Men’s Basketball Team – you were a huge part in the success of our day


personalized kicks

Lauren and Uncle Bill – wonderful helpers and could not have done it without you

beautiful Mustang and my homemade decor – I love you Uncle Bill + Lauren

a different take on the ring picture


bridal suite toast

the kids table and things for them to do

homemade menu 

RSVP cards

our RSVP cards and the “leave a note side”


{love again}


the momma’s

beautiful cousin speaking #1 

handsome dudes

the bands

beautiful cousin speaking #2


{his cake}

I wasn’t going to have Jordan on my cake – that’s why he got his own

btw both cakes ALL GONE and quickly. we didn’t even get any!

{my cake}

Mr. and Mrs. Gray

Hubby’s cousin, probably the cutest thing I’ve ever seen

Jeremy – great job 🙂

maid of honor speech – she did so well and made me cry a little

dad’s speech, no cue cards, lots of air quotes – loved every second of it

sis + bro 🙂

*cheers* best speeches ever

he tried to shove it in my face. i know it. and that’s my “no you did not” face

that’s right – pop-a-shots. we’re that cool.

beautiful bridesmaid and her sis

pop-a-shots again. cool again.

{prepare for lots of lovey dovey}

::twirling:: good thing you can’t tell through pictures that I forgot the steps 🙂

so big – so little 

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  1. heather ryan

    Kadee, ur pictures are so beautiful! I found myself smiling through them all! Hope the new married like is going well!

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