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a veil and a rose for my hair


“I’m looking for something in white
Something that shimmers in soft candlelight
Everyone calls us the most perfect pair
Should I wear a veil or a rose in my hair
Well,the train must be long and the waist must be tight
I’m looking for something in white.”

Oh Lorrie Morgan, you take me back . . .

We listened to this song on the way down to Portland.  The fourth line reminded me of the trip so I thought I’d share a little LM with you :). 

Anyway, backtracking a little,  my wedding dress finally came in and I got to go pick it up this weekend! I also got to see the little rose and feather hair pieces we ordered for me and the MOH for the first time 🙂

I ordered my dress back in October from this boutique and it was so good to see my little white lovely again – and in my size.  The dress was just as I remembered and it fit like a glove.  I thought I was going to have to get it altered . . . turns out not.  Good, one less thing for me to worry about.  No gaining weight though, so pressure is on and I am officially at war with the Reese’s Pieces.

While in the dress, we were able to play with the whole veil – jewelry – hair bits and pieces.
Got a good idea for the hair.
Got a good idea for the jewelry (bigger earrings, bracelet, no necklace). 
The veil . . . cost $165. *choke Not a typo either. 
I’m sure there are cheaper places to find a veil, but really, I want a plain one – go figure. A hair pick, a yard of tulle and some thread does NOT have to equal that much.  I’m only wearing mine down the aisle, then it’s coming off.  My dress has enough decoration on it (flowers and feathers) also, so I don’t need any rhinestones, lace or pretty edging on it anyway.
Trying to figure out other budget options, Micah (the FI’s cousin) suggested we look into making the veil ourselves.  My mom is quite the little sewer and so we both loved the idea right away.  Being able to say she handmade a part of my outfit is pretty cool and possibly something I can pass on to my sister or a daughter.  Nothing is better than handmade from the heart.  Anyway, off to the fabric store we went.
While there, we found true veil tulle, a hair pick and some personal instructions from the lady behind the counter.  The price tag, $10. No joke. Now mom just needs to experiment a little and we have ourselves a veil! How cool.
A video tutorial for any other DIY veil enthusiasts from the UK’s SEW magazine
Now, I just need my jewelry, shoes, corset and some lacey blue panties 🙂
I hope to have pictures soon!
Thank you Micah + Todd, mom and dad, T and G for a wonderful wedding weekend!
Looking for a veil too?


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