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embossing = the answer?

So you all recall my current obsession/struggle with the dreaded invitation process right? {see here and here if not :)}  

Well friends, I think I have found a solution {and I’m super excited about it!}

To sum it all up real quick – I’m DiY’ing my invites on the computer to save on the $$green$$ {I can’t afford a fancy lil’ letter press} and using an at-home printer pretty much limits you to using white cardstock.  I’ve played around with numerous designs, layouts, color combos, etc. — you name it, I exhausted it. Got fed up. Quit. Researched more. Cycle continued. 

I want color but I don’t want outrageous designs on the white backing to evoke my wedding vibe and using just a few small details makes it look, well . . . boring.  I really want to be able to do as much as I can with the few options I have – and this does not make for an easy task. 

However, on that wonderful trip to Portland I talked about here, I stumbled into this magnificent little craft boutique called Paper Source – I fell in love. 

Inside Paper Source was a demonstration table which employees utilize to showcase store products . . . kind of like mini workshops. Well that day, they happened to be showcasing embossers. I was intrigued — as was my sister, my fellow Martha Stewart enthusiast (yes you, Marla) and our mini Martha-in-the-making (that’d be you Lex). 

So basically, embossers lend a special visual aesthetic to paper by adding texture to it. You need a stamp, ink pad, embossing powder and a heat gun. No, hair dryers do not work – I tried :).  The heat melts the powder, raising it and giving the stamp texture.  Best part – you can use it on colored cardstock, envelopes, etc.! {oh! and you can get glittered embossing powder – LOVE sparklies}




see it melting?



ta-daaaa! sparklies 🙂



{embossing with flock}

Here and here are more in-depth how-to’s, supply list and project pictures by a fellow DiY Bride if you’re interested!

Now, I got most of my supplies at Paper Source while there, but decided to check out Michaels’ options as well – and boy, did they have plenty! {check out their Martha Stewart section too – hellooo heaven :)}.  Okay –back on track — they have quite the variety of stamps, ink pads and powders – really anything your little heart may desire and LOTS of fun ideas.   I ended up buying my embossing gun there for $19.99, not bad :).  Take this little guy with you though, for a better deal!

Anyway, I’m so excited to start playing around with my splendid find and seeing what I can do to give bare invitations {or the outside of a colored envelope} that extra POP!

Not getting married but a craft-aholic too? Embossing is great for any occasion —  it allows you to leave a unique mark on gift bags, cards or plain stationary.  Check out the Paper Source blog for some rad ideas.




{just in time 🙂 – source}





PS I now have this strange urge to emboss every paper product I can get my hands on – Seattle City Light, how do you feel about aqua swirlies? hehe. What?  Who doesn’t love pretty colored designs!?

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We went shopping!

Hotel shopping that is 🙂

This post goes hand-in-hand with the Save the Date one because it’s important information that your guests {OOTs} will need as soon as possible (for those early planners ;)) and something that should be set up by the time you send out your STDs.

Hotel blocks are – you guessed it – just a bunch of rooms held especially for your OOTs and can be, most often, negotiated as a group rate with the hotel manager.  Some places may have you sign a contract and some won’t, however, you need to make sure that you are not liable for paying for the unused blocked rooms – big financial dilemma right before your wedding? No thanks!  Read before you sign please.

So, in order to book, go shopping!  Find an area of town you {fancy} and investigate your options.  You can either contact the manager ahead of time – which might be better if you plan to go on a weekend – or you can just pop in and just see what they have to offer. 

Well – our decision was pretty quick and easy.  I spoke with Sara, the General Manager from The Ledgestone Hotel, through email to set up a visit and tour with her.  Sara was very nice and informative and had no problem negotiating until we agreed on a price that we were both comfortable with – I can honestly say it was a very pleasant experience and not this big scary thing like I imagine most negotiating encounters to be. 

Anyway, The Ledgestone is *new* and it is beautiful! When I saw the rooms {suites} I felt like I was in a swanky downtown condo in the big city – no joke! These rooms are fully equipped with a living room, separated bedroom, FULL kitchen and little dining table {amazing}!



Cool, right? I’m excited to show off this {stylish little} part of Yakima to my chic Seattle friends :). Thank you Sara!

Big Plus: The Ledgestone will soon be welcoming Bob’s Burgers & Brew to their parking lot, which is described as having an “adult Red Robin-ish” vibe to it – check it out!

In order to give our guests a little more leeway and help them explore their options as well, we also visited the Oxford Inn {they accept pets too!}, located just across the freeway from The Ledgestone.  The Oxford Inn (not the Suites) already has a standard “wedding rate” of $85 per night, so no negotiating needed for that great price! 

Located right on the beautiful Yakima River, the Oxford may be a little more family friendly with an outdoor swimming pool and the Greenway located right behind the hotel – perfect for strolling along with the kiddies.  We met with the on-site manager – Corrie – who gladly gave us a tour and answered all our questions!


Both places were very helpful and the FI and I feel like both hotels will fit perfectly into the vision of our OOTs 🙂 — another check off our list of to-do’s though not quite a “wedding victory”.

Have a good Monday readers!



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Budget Resources #3 – Coupons

Budget Resource of the Day: Coupons

clipping coupons


I know it may sound obvious but don’t forget to look for coupons before you buy! Quite the little detective {& internet freak}, I search the web up, down and sideways looking for deals ::always lurking:: on items or websites before I buy and so for me, the wedding search&purchase game is no different.  Planning a wedding on a budget gives you reason to save every penny you can + a {smart} tactic that can be a big help financially.  There are plenty of coupon/code sites on the net that are outdated or difficult to navigate + paper ones {though always pretty good} don’t always come at the appropriate time for you needs. 

So, I’ve taken the pleasure of finding a few sites that, without a doubt, trump the top of the list and are particularly useful for bride- and grooms-to-be.

||Look to the right: there are new sites inhabiting my link section — wanted to make it all a little easier on you guys ;)||


This is one of the first coupon sites {they also do sale alerts}I discovered and was happy to find it catered to some exclusive wedding forums!

For My Wedding Favors they are currently offering codes for free shipping on $80 or more and another one for 10% off entire purchases.

my wed favors - coasters 

 Use the 10% off code on these natural bamboo coaster favors — perfect for the eco-friendly couple + their guests.


At the Wedding Channel Store, let your guests in on the photography fun at your reception with these disposable cameras ranging from 15-40% off original prices.

 wed channel -camera

Other notable places on WWW.SAVINGS.COMThe Knot Wedding Shop and are two other wedding sites featured with coupon codes as well as  Macys (good for toasting flutes + cake serving sets) and Ebags if you need luggage for your honeymoon!

My Craft Coupons  

This resource is actually a blog and it came by way of my Real Bride, Tori Blizard {thank you}.  My Craft Coupons is written by a young woman who – working on a teacher’s salary – is always on the prowl for new to ways to save a buck in order to purchase her first home.  Her site is especially useful for those DiY savvy brides as her coupons consist mostly of Michaels ::my fave::, Jo Ann’s, Hobby Lobby + AC Moore

Michaels - invite

::Michaels Creation::

Added Bonus: MCC writer recently launched a sister blog titled My Mall Coupons to include shops such as:

Victoria’s Secret

VS pink lotion

{smell lovely on the big day}

*pink body lotion – 1 oz free*

Bath and Body Works

B&B travel size

{useful for your honeymoon travels}

*free travel size item with purchase*


kmart - candles

Candles & Frames for reception and/or gift ideas

*$5 off $50 purchase*

.::I Saved the Best for Last::.

I think everyone should be introduced to RetailMeNot’s fantastic little site.  This fairly new coupon source offers a collaboration of online discounts, coupons and promotional codes for the budget-savvy shopper.  Their shop lineup includes industry ‘bigs’ such as: Starbucks; Victoria’s Secret; Old Navy + Amazon {to name a few}.  Easy to navigate and user-friendly, RetailMeNot offers visitors the chance to mark the coupons and codes – that are user submitted – as functional or not to let other viewers know when it’s a hit or a miss. . . with so many fake deals out there, RMN a refreshing breath of {internet trust}. 

Below, I listed some of the codes and coupons that caught my eye and can be useful for wedding-related items.

Best Buy is offering $30 off GPS receivers, $20 off IPODs and a 10% off select categories codes.  Brides, these could make great gifts for your hubby-to-be!

bb - ipod

Coscto’s Picture Center is giving away four free 8×10 photo prints for members with coupon code. . . slap a wedding photo in a frame and you’ve got a perfect thank-you gift for your parents!

RMN is also hosting a 10% off coupon for printer ink and free shipping on orders over $50 at Staples stores.  If you plan DiY’ing your invites, take advantage of this ink offer and check out Staples’ {pretty} collection of ready-to-print invitations . . . they really do have a wonderful selection.

Take my advice and browse through these sites to see if there is anything that will suite your wedding needs.  Recently, I found a 15% off coupon for Payless Shoe Source and bought all {6} of my BM’s shoes there – equaling almost $25 off the entire purchase – – that’s a pair a free shoes! 

Don’t forget your Sunday Yakima-Herald as a resource either!

I hope you all end up with success stories like mine . . . happy shopping! 🙂





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