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Wedding Script Address Stamp (Red Rubber)

We just sent out the majority of our save-the-dates (the VICTORY to be posted soon) and will plan to have our invitations out by the beginning of May – ish.  The STD’s went out rather quickly – however, two things.  The save-the-dates had only one item included and second, we did not send an STD to everyone on our {never-ending} guest list. 

now back on track . . .

So, there are a lot of things about our invitations we have left to figure out.  Wording, timing of ceremony, pieces to include, etc., etc.  Basically, a lot left to do. 
What I do have figured out though is my return address :).  Invitations are generally a little more formal than your STDs and with us, there will be a lot more to address the second time around (as opposed to my STD stuffing party — man, by the way, I can’t get over the unfortunate STD acronym. Hopefully you can).

For the price {$30-50}, it may be very well worth it in order to keep your hands fresh 100, 150, or even 200 guest invites later. And no, I’m not revealing my number. Stamps are more economical and, I think, look better than address labels on your pretty little envelopes.
I’m indecisive.  This process was not the easiest. Do I want a design that will match the invitation? Do I want it to have its own design? Will anyone notice if they match? Will anyone care?
Yep. I care.  It’s the details I pay attention to.  Not sure why I make this a big deal, but for some reason, it never fails.
Anyway, I finally picked one.  I like the chic-ish, laid-back, cutesy fonts that I think are perfect for a summer garden wedding.  A touch of elegance, mixed with comfort and casualness – the look I’m totally going for.  And yes, you guessed it, the one up top — that’s the one I chose {click on the link to take you to her Etsy shop}. 
I do want this style of calligraphy to match the rest of my invitations, but since this is her actual beautiful handwriting, it won’t match perfectly (i.e., I can’t buy this in font form).  Best thing to do is find one that is as similar as I can get (via – best site EVER) for the invitations and envelopes.  

Here are some more lovely little creations from the wonderful world of Etsy:

Return Address Stamp - MICHELLE

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