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We went shopping!

Hotel shopping that is 🙂

This post goes hand-in-hand with the Save the Date one because it’s important information that your guests {OOTs} will need as soon as possible (for those early planners ;)) and something that should be set up by the time you send out your STDs.

Hotel blocks are – you guessed it – just a bunch of rooms held especially for your OOTs and can be, most often, negotiated as a group rate with the hotel manager.  Some places may have you sign a contract and some won’t, however, you need to make sure that you are not liable for paying for the unused blocked rooms – big financial dilemma right before your wedding? No thanks!  Read before you sign please.

So, in order to book, go shopping!  Find an area of town you {fancy} and investigate your options.  You can either contact the manager ahead of time – which might be better if you plan to go on a weekend – or you can just pop in and just see what they have to offer. 

Well – our decision was pretty quick and easy.  I spoke with Sara, the General Manager from The Ledgestone Hotel, through email to set up a visit and tour with her.  Sara was very nice and informative and had no problem negotiating until we agreed on a price that we were both comfortable with – I can honestly say it was a very pleasant experience and not this big scary thing like I imagine most negotiating encounters to be. 

Anyway, The Ledgestone is *new* and it is beautiful! When I saw the rooms {suites} I felt like I was in a swanky downtown condo in the big city – no joke! These rooms are fully equipped with a living room, separated bedroom, FULL kitchen and little dining table {amazing}!



Cool, right? I’m excited to show off this {stylish little} part of Yakima to my chic Seattle friends :). Thank you Sara!

Big Plus: The Ledgestone will soon be welcoming Bob’s Burgers & Brew to their parking lot, which is described as having an “adult Red Robin-ish” vibe to it – check it out!

In order to give our guests a little more leeway and help them explore their options as well, we also visited the Oxford Inn {they accept pets too!}, located just across the freeway from The Ledgestone.  The Oxford Inn (not the Suites) already has a standard “wedding rate” of $85 per night, so no negotiating needed for that great price! 

Located right on the beautiful Yakima River, the Oxford may be a little more family friendly with an outdoor swimming pool and the Greenway located right behind the hotel – perfect for strolling along with the kiddies.  We met with the on-site manager – Corrie – who gladly gave us a tour and answered all our questions!


Both places were very helpful and the FI and I feel like both hotels will fit perfectly into the vision of our OOTs 🙂 — another check off our list of to-do’s though not quite a “wedding victory”.

Have a good Monday readers!



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