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dressing mom

I thought about my dress and I thought about the bridesmaid’s dresses, but for some reason, what the mothers were to wear, slipped my mind.

Really, they are just as important.  They’ll be in several pictures and they’ll be walking down the aisle – tons of eyes on them. Why wouldn’t this outfit be just as important?

When asked what I thought in terms of style and color by both my mother and mother-in-law, I didn’t know what to say. This isn’t something I had researched or even thought about researching. My first thoughts – something casual is fine. Our wedding isn’t formal.

That, however, wasn’t quite enough. “Something casual” is too vague.  Do they wear heels? Is their dress sleeveless? Should they wear a cardigan? Flats? Is black appropriate? Is anything white, for that matter? Is a skirt too casual?

Well, I had no clue, to say the least. I really thought they’d know the appropriate attire and what looked best on them, I never considered that they too were going to be looked at just as much as any other part of the wedding party.  I found that what they were going to wear for the big day, was a totally appropriate concern.

So, naturally, I took Google. Many of the mother of the bride dresses I was finding, however, were for very formal affairs.  In other words, it’d just look plain wrong at our wedding. Then, I discovered the wonderfully, laid-back, dressy style selections at department stores.  They were casual enough for our hot day in July, came in a variety of colors and sizes and were totally perfect for a summer affair.

These places here and here , were some of my faves.  Check them out to get your ideas flowing.

Going a more traditional route for your big day? Check out these “Dressing Guidelines for Mothers” from ConnecticutWeddings.net

For a very formal day or evening wedding the mothers should wear floor-length gowns and these gowns should NOT be white. Wear heels that are appropriate for the dress but try to select comfortable shoes. Coordinate your accessories but leave the watch at home! For a formal wedding the mothers should wear a corsage or carry small bouquets.

For a semi-formal day or evening wedding the mothers should wear a street-length dress, again, it should NOT be white. Heels and accessories should coordinate with the dress. For a semi-formal wedding the mothers should wear a corsage.

For an informal day or evening wedding the mothers should wear a suit or nice “Sunday” dress, again, it should NOT be white. Or, if the informal wedding is being held at the beach or some other fun or unusual location, the mothers should dress appropriately. Heels and accessories should coordinate. For an informal wedding the mothers should wear a corsage.

And as always, some flair and a few Yakima resources for your momma!

JC Penney – $34.99

Jessica Howard Belted Dress – $34.99

JC Penney – $34.99

Jones | Wear – $59.99

Alex Evenings Lace Sheath Dress & Bolero
Alex Evenings – $184

Surplice neckline with split flutter sleeves and side zipper. Dyed to

Georgette Dress – $59.99

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my cinderellas

I finally ordered my bridal shoes and was excited to find them on my doorstep late last week.

I intend to dye them blue – blue like the blue below. Blue as in aqua. Or turquoise. Whatever you want to call it.

Most confusing and annoying color in the book, I might add.

Though I fall in love with it all over again, each time I find that perfecut hue.

I purchased my little cinderellies online, it has become my preferred method of shopping these past few years. Not only am I able to shop while multitasking on other daily activities, but the variety is wonderful. I understand it’s not for everyone though. Here are a few places around town to check out if you need some little pretties to dress up your feet for the big day:

Lin Paul’s Bridal and Tuxedo
101 N. Third Street

Priscilla’s Chic Boutique
Westpark Shopping Center
4001 Summitview Avenue, Ste. 16

Lasting Impressions Bridal Boutique
800 W. Nob Hill Boulevard

Fashion Corner
401 S. Sixth Street

Valley Mall
Union Gap

Mundy’s Formal Wear
108 N. Mt. Daniels Drive

Perfect Fit Bridal Boutique
110 S. Second Street

more Yakima options here

Trying to figure out what else you need to complete your bridal ensemble?

Check out my post here!

Go get your slipper,



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Victory #12: The Bridesmaid’s Dresses

a {stressful} victory – sorry ladies
 The bridesmaid dresses have been ordered! Actually, they were ordered back in January but I’ve put this post off this long because, well, I hated the process – to say the least.  I was so sure I had hit the style jackpot by discovering the whole mismatch, cohesive look with the BM’s outfit idea {see below}:
I still love the look . Big fan. Of the idea.  The process, I discovered = not as much fun. I’m just going to break down my whole reasoning here: the ladies pick the look that THEY are most comfortable in, think is the most flattering to their body type and in turn, feel and look amazing on my big day.  Easy enough, and hopefully, they love it so much they wear it again and reduce the chance of it just chilling in their closet for the next few years {I know, every bride tries to pass that one off}.
Now, let me get into the dress adventures that took over my winter . . . holy nightmare.
I still maintain, the different dress idea is complimentary and quite fantastic. I also thought my choice to let them choose was pretty cool {what bride doesn’t think their ideas are the best anway}.   Blah, blah, blah – you get the point of why I decided to ride this train.
Anyway, because my color was aqua and because aqua can really mean anything from baby blue to turquoise (which are actually really different), I picked the designer whose color was exactly what I was looking for, had good pricing and plenty of styles to choose from, then let the girls choose from there.  
I came up with a few pages of options, printed them out and handed them over.  A few decided to check out the designer themselves or didn’t find what they were looking for, or since I have BM’s in different cities, wanted to try on the ones they had seen online . . . which most weren’t carried in the stores {go figure}.  The indecisiveness in the “choosing” really began to freak me out a little. I’m sure I was already on edge more than I should’ve been, but it still happened.
Not all dresses came in the aqua direction I needed them to go. Hardly any were available in stores. And some had no clue what style was best . . . and since they weren’t in stores to try on, well . . . that’s where the stress {the “this isn’t fun anymore” stress} kicked in. I have six BM’s, that’s a lot to keep track of. Too many people to stress for. Some choose easily, some took forever. Some were sick of trying on dresses and STILL not having a clue what to do. It’s hard to force them to do something they’re sick of. It’s not fun either.
Fast forward to January and all six had their dresses picked out.  I hate to admit but a few “just had to pick” one, no more deciding and hee-hawing, we had to get these puppies ordered. I know they didn’t like my nagging and persistence – I wouldn’t either. But, we all got through it.
I really, truly thought this process would be easier; I just wanted them to feel beautiful on the day of the wedding. When the bride chooses the dress SHE wants, it takes all the guess work out of the equation and you don’t have time to think.  This whole wedding process has been about making decisions and it does get tiring, sometimes I wish someone would just tell me what to do.  It’d be a lot less stress on my mind.  I’m sure it would’ve been a lot less on theirs too.
 But then again, I don’t ever really do things the easy way. 
And my ladies will gorgeous when the day comes no matter what.
Oh yeah, and order them as early as you can – I ordered ours in January . . . they’ll be here mid-May.

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Completing the Bridal Ensemble

We have the dress, now what?

A list of the things a bride needs to complete her outfit for the big day!

What: The bustier/corset

Why: You still need something under the dress to hold up your ladies – even if there is a built-in bodice.

Where: Yakima Boutiques or even, try some of the Ebay stores that sell new items for a cheaper price.

What: slip

Why: this is optional – some need it for that extra “fluff” under their dress, though most dresses have it built-in

Where: see bustier/corset



 What: the shoes – a major part of the outfit

Why: our tootsie’s need a little fashion too

Where: Yakima Boutiques  and Payless Shoe Source have great options.

**Payless is currently having their BOGO sale – a great steal if you get your BM’s shoes there!**

You can also try places online, such as My Glass Slipper, Dyeable Shoe Store and Bridal Shoes .

What: jewelry

Why: it’s the icing on the cake – the perfect complement to your perfect dress

Where: Yakima Boutiques , local jewelry places and don’t overlook your fashion hot spots at the mall (e.g., Macy’s, Claire’s, etc.)

A few online resources: TigerLilly Jewelry, Etsy (for a handmade touch) or Tejani.

What: Lacey under garments

Why: You know why

Where: local places or the always fab, Victoria’s Secret

Of course – don’t forget your something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue!

Why is this important?

Happy Shopping (yes – I do believe that should be a capital S)


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fashion feet

I always thought I wanted pretty bright shoes (hello – YV Bride’s most recent cover breathless) beneath my white gown – now, I’m just not sure. 

Do I stay classic, or do I go modern?


this is still beautiful to me

. . . but so is this

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{dressing the groom}

The FI and his mom went out to do a little wedding shopping last night and came back with a beautiful blue shirt and a couple options for ties – they really did a great job, matching the colors perfectly and getting a feel for the feel of the wedding. 

However, come to find out, their trip wasn’t as easy as it sounded in those last two sentences.

Most wedding sites cater to the trendy, sophisticated groom – you know – the guys in tuxes with cummerbunds? Our wedding isn’t exactly that fancy.  We’re more casual – plus, I don’t want my groom melting under the four layers of “tux” in the Yakima heat.  Figuring out a casual get up wasn’t so easy for us, so I’m providing all of you – you’s with the casual, chic wedding too – a few pieces of groom inspiration.






What we decided on – the groom will wear a suit and the groomsmen will wear coordinating ties and shirts, minus the suit jacket. I’ve seen plenty photos of this combo – it really does look fine, it cuts down on the cost for your buddies AND it sets the groom apart from the rest of his line up.

HOWEVER – there is such a thing as too casual. If you go the khaki route, try linen khaki first. Oh – and no jeans – okay?

not workin’ for me


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a veil and a rose for my hair


“I’m looking for something in white
Something that shimmers in soft candlelight
Everyone calls us the most perfect pair
Should I wear a veil or a rose in my hair
Well,the train must be long and the waist must be tight
I’m looking for something in white.”

Oh Lorrie Morgan, you take me back . . .

We listened to this song on the way down to Portland.  The fourth line reminded me of the trip so I thought I’d share a little LM with you :). 

Anyway, backtracking a little,  my wedding dress finally came in and I got to go pick it up this weekend! I also got to see the little rose and feather hair pieces we ordered for me and the MOH for the first time 🙂

I ordered my dress back in October from this boutique and it was so good to see my little white lovely again – and in my size.  The dress was just as I remembered and it fit like a glove.  I thought I was going to have to get it altered . . . turns out not.  Good, one less thing for me to worry about.  No gaining weight though, so pressure is on and I am officially at war with the Reese’s Pieces.

While in the dress, we were able to play with the whole veil – jewelry – hair bits and pieces.
Got a good idea for the hair.
Got a good idea for the jewelry (bigger earrings, bracelet, no necklace). 
The veil . . . cost $165. *choke Not a typo either. 
I’m sure there are cheaper places to find a veil, but really, I want a plain one – go figure. A hair pick, a yard of tulle and some thread does NOT have to equal that much.  I’m only wearing mine down the aisle, then it’s coming off.  My dress has enough decoration on it (flowers and feathers) also, so I don’t need any rhinestones, lace or pretty edging on it anyway.
Trying to figure out other budget options, Micah (the FI’s cousin) suggested we look into making the veil ourselves.  My mom is quite the little sewer and so we both loved the idea right away.  Being able to say she handmade a part of my outfit is pretty cool and possibly something I can pass on to my sister or a daughter.  Nothing is better than handmade from the heart.  Anyway, off to the fabric store we went.
While there, we found true veil tulle, a hair pick and some personal instructions from the lady behind the counter.  The price tag, $10. No joke. Now mom just needs to experiment a little and we have ourselves a veil! How cool.
A video tutorial for any other DIY veil enthusiasts from the UK’s SEW magazine
Now, I just need my jewelry, shoes, corset and some lacey blue panties 🙂
I hope to have pictures soon!
Thank you Micah + Todd, mom and dad, T and G for a wonderful wedding weekend!
Looking for a veil too?


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