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{shower me}

It’s almost shower time. The countdown is on and excitement is in full-force.

I’ve really only been to a handful of showers (thanks to the back-to-back-to-back family weddings) and was lucky enough to have a shared,  family-only, baby/wedding shower with my preggo cousin back at the beginning of April.

This month, I am honored with two showers.  The first – my silver shower – will include  Seattle friends and family.  This group of women has been a huge part of my to-be family’s life and I am so excited share this experience, along with my adult, almost-a-wife world, with my sister and mother.

My golden shower is set for Yakima with the ladies I’ve grown up with.  Some have been around since before I was born and others came into my life in my teen years.  I can’t wait for all the women I love + know the best, sprinkled with a few new Seattle friends, to all be in one place. I know this one will hold a ton of memories, laughs and cheers – can’t wait to share these amazing women with my Seattle group.

Anyway, showers are fun. Full of food, yummy sips, pretty presents and cheesy games (bring on the cheese!).  It’s amazing (and totally fun/embarrassing at times) what you can learn about a bride, or even what a bride can learn about her friends.

Both parties – Seattle + Yakima – have done such a fantastic job getting a feel for what I want, what I like and what I expect.  They want to know my food preferences. Theme ideas. If I like frilly drinks (and of course I do). It gets me excited to think about it.  I know it’s going to be amazing.  And the best part? We get to be totally girlie for a night.

I know brides don’t plan their own showers, but it’s definitely something they need to think about, so I took the liberty of gathering a few pieces of inspiration, just to get you excited.  In case you weren’t already :).

Mums -- Baby or Bridal Shower Invitation -- Customizable
Alphabet Bridal Shower via the awesome M.S.
Bridal Shower Activity: Love Bingo
throw a little Sex in the City cocktail in – for good measure
soak as gift for the bride or as unique bridal shower favors
Need an entire theme? Some of my fave resources at your service.
WARNING: You will get addicted.
Need a place?
area hotels – conference rooms are great
Cheers ladies,

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Completing the Bridal Ensemble

We have the dress, now what?

A list of the things a bride needs to complete her outfit for the big day!

What: The bustier/corset

Why: You still need something under the dress to hold up your ladies – even if there is a built-in bodice.

Where: Yakima Boutiques or even, try some of the Ebay stores that sell new items for a cheaper price.

What: slip

Why: this is optional – some need it for that extra “fluff” under their dress, though most dresses have it built-in

Where: see bustier/corset



 What: the shoes – a major part of the outfit

Why: our tootsie’s need a little fashion too

Where: Yakima Boutiques  and Payless Shoe Source have great options.

**Payless is currently having their BOGO sale – a great steal if you get your BM’s shoes there!**

You can also try places online, such as My Glass Slipper, Dyeable Shoe Store and Bridal Shoes .

What: jewelry

Why: it’s the icing on the cake – the perfect complement to your perfect dress

Where: Yakima Boutiques , local jewelry places and don’t overlook your fashion hot spots at the mall (e.g., Macy’s, Claire’s, etc.)

A few online resources: TigerLilly Jewelry, Etsy (for a handmade touch) or Tejani.

What: Lacey under garments

Why: You know why

Where: local places or the always fab, Victoria’s Secret

Of course – don’t forget your something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue!

Why is this important?

Happy Shopping (yes – I do believe that should be a capital S)


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fashion feet

I always thought I wanted pretty bright shoes (hello – YV Bride’s most recent cover breathless) beneath my white gown – now, I’m just not sure. 

Do I stay classic, or do I go modern?


this is still beautiful to me

. . . but so is this

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