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Victory #12: The Bridesmaid’s Dresses

a {stressful} victory – sorry ladies
 The bridesmaid dresses have been ordered! Actually, they were ordered back in January but I’ve put this post off this long because, well, I hated the process – to say the least.  I was so sure I had hit the style jackpot by discovering the whole mismatch, cohesive look with the BM’s outfit idea {see below}:
I still love the look . Big fan. Of the idea.  The process, I discovered = not as much fun. I’m just going to break down my whole reasoning here: the ladies pick the look that THEY are most comfortable in, think is the most flattering to their body type and in turn, feel and look amazing on my big day.  Easy enough, and hopefully, they love it so much they wear it again and reduce the chance of it just chilling in their closet for the next few years {I know, every bride tries to pass that one off}.
Now, let me get into the dress adventures that took over my winter . . . holy nightmare.
I still maintain, the different dress idea is complimentary and quite fantastic. I also thought my choice to let them choose was pretty cool {what bride doesn’t think their ideas are the best anway}.   Blah, blah, blah – you get the point of why I decided to ride this train.
Anyway, because my color was aqua and because aqua can really mean anything from baby blue to turquoise (which are actually really different), I picked the designer whose color was exactly what I was looking for, had good pricing and plenty of styles to choose from, then let the girls choose from there.  
I came up with a few pages of options, printed them out and handed them over.  A few decided to check out the designer themselves or didn’t find what they were looking for, or since I have BM’s in different cities, wanted to try on the ones they had seen online . . . which most weren’t carried in the stores {go figure}.  The indecisiveness in the “choosing” really began to freak me out a little. I’m sure I was already on edge more than I should’ve been, but it still happened.
Not all dresses came in the aqua direction I needed them to go. Hardly any were available in stores. And some had no clue what style was best . . . and since they weren’t in stores to try on, well . . . that’s where the stress {the “this isn’t fun anymore” stress} kicked in. I have six BM’s, that’s a lot to keep track of. Too many people to stress for. Some choose easily, some took forever. Some were sick of trying on dresses and STILL not having a clue what to do. It’s hard to force them to do something they’re sick of. It’s not fun either.
Fast forward to January and all six had their dresses picked out.  I hate to admit but a few “just had to pick” one, no more deciding and hee-hawing, we had to get these puppies ordered. I know they didn’t like my nagging and persistence – I wouldn’t either. But, we all got through it.
I really, truly thought this process would be easier; I just wanted them to feel beautiful on the day of the wedding. When the bride chooses the dress SHE wants, it takes all the guess work out of the equation and you don’t have time to think.  This whole wedding process has been about making decisions and it does get tiring, sometimes I wish someone would just tell me what to do.  It’d be a lot less stress on my mind.  I’m sure it would’ve been a lot less on theirs too.
 But then again, I don’t ever really do things the easy way. 
And my ladies will gorgeous when the day comes no matter what.
Oh yeah, and order them as early as you can – I ordered ours in January . . . they’ll be here mid-May.

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Tidbit Tuesday


After the ceremony and photos, the bridal party’s bouquets often get plunked down and forgotten. Grouped on a side table in vases personalized with charming name tags, they’re showcased for all to enjoy.


Local Gift Resources


Take a snapshot of your look after the makeup trial. The camera picks up what the mirror might not. Looking at your reflection, you may think, “This is beautiful.” But, once the picture is taken, you may think the foundation is too white or something is off. A photo will help you correct that.

Local Hair and Makeup Resources


When you are posing for pictures, cross your legs at your ankles for a more flattering look. Also, to avoid a double-chin effect, turn your neck slightly and lower your chin to create a bit of a camouflaging shadow.



To make sure your engagement ring is at its sparkliest for your big day, clean it with a mixture of six parts water and one part ammonia. Use a soft-bristle brush to make it really shine.



Don’ts the Week Before the Wedding

1. Try a new food (hello allergic reaction)
2. Wax anything you have never waxed before (bumpy red irritated skin… and itching)
3. Cook in the middle of the night (hello second degree burns – on my face!)
4. Overeat (it is a tight white dress after all)
5. Starve (it can be a loose white dress if you are not careful – and you can faint)
6. Do anything too sporty (although the cast is white too – it just doesn’t look so good with the dress)
7. Try new makeup (see number 1 and number 3)
8. Get a hair cut from a new beautician (I think this one is a no brainer)
9. Stay awake and worry (no makeup can hide truly dark circles)
10. Forget that it is just a party (down Brideziila! – down girl!)

The Green Bride Guide


The last thing you want to pack on your honeymoon is a bunch of guide books! Take advantage of free travel podcasts available online, and your MP3 player can become your own personal tour guide.


A list of FREE travel podcasts

Lazaro 3607


Don’t go overboard on your wedding day jewelry. If you are wearing a statement necklace, don’t wear large earrings as well. Making one piece the focal point of your look creates a subtle, sophisticated effect.


Bridal Jewelry


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finding your “bride-to-be” style

We all talk about finding the perfect dress . . . the white one that will lead us into wifehood; the one that will be center of attention on the big day — one of the most important outfits of our lives. 

However, there tends to be a shortage on tips for finding your “bride-to-be” style – the outfits that will get you through all the events leading up to the wedding day in a fashion that shouts, “I’m going to be somebody’s wife!” What looks go well at a bridal shower?  What about the bachelorette party? The bridal luncheon? Rehearsal dinner? Day-after brunch?  So many events, so little time – and possibly a so-little wallet for some {me}!

 Let me introduce you to this fabulous little site I found just a few weeks ago:

Fashion Under $100: a website that showcases “celebrity looks for less and affordable style for everyday fashionistas.”

IN love

 Check out my fave findings for different events surrounding the big day!

**Click the celeb’s name to take you to the page. Please note: some of the items may no longer be for sale in stores **

 The Wedding Shower

Alexa Chung

The Bachelorette Party


Kristen Cavallari

The Bridal Luncheon


Vanessa Hudgens

Rehearsal Dinner



Vanessa Minillo

Day-After Brunch


Blake Lively

{maybe we wear an undershirt with this one ;)}

Bonus:  you can sign up on the website and get these little morsels of fashion delight straight to your inbox, enjoy!


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Bridesmaid Newsletter

yes, I am that bride – I don’t think that should surprise you anymore.

and yes I made a bridesmaid newsletter


Really, it was necessary and informative – not a just a bridezilla move.  I’ll admit, I haven’t been the best bridesmaid’s Bride with three BM’s in Seattle and three BM’s in Yakima.  It’s hard to keep them all up-to-date on everything that’s going on when the ones that are 2 ½ hours away are, well, 2 ½ hours away.  They’re not on hand in quite the same way my west side ladies are when I need to say, have an invitation stuffing party.  When I do make it home, it’s hard to cram in all the meet-ups, gossip, laughs, love life woes and wedding updates into one trip . . . things are just sometimes forgotten.

Intro to the Bridesmaid Newsletter

Basically it’s just a fancy little word document updating your ladies on your current activities and upcoming plans. 

Here’s why the witty little writers over at The Knot think they’re pretty fab too:

It’s a way for you to let everyone know the wedding skinny all at once, in writing, so there’s much less chance of last-minute confusion. Also, putting all the information together for your newsletter will probably help you organize it in your own head, too.

Click here for more information on the who, what, whens of the whole thing . . . it’s pretty cool.

Here’s a snapshot of what mine looked like: 


Don’t have time to make your own? Need an outline?

Click here for a template

or here

or try this one here

Just wanted to give you options 🙂



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Get ::HER:: to say {YES!}

Yes, brides, I’m talking to you . . . and I’m talking about your bridesmaids!

Before Kyle and I even started dating, I had spent a lot of time thinking about my future wedding party . . . who I should ask, who would be left out, the style of dress for them to wear.  However, while these are all important issues, I never really thought about how to ask them.

I’ve never been a bridesmaid, but I know that it’s not an {easy-as-pie} job.  I recently stumbled upon Bridesmaid 101 which boasts a list of what it means to hold the honor {physically, mentally and monetarily} and whew!

So brides, because your BM’s are going to be your crutches throughout the planning process, you should take care of them and let them know how much they mean to you . . . starting with day one.

Personally, I would suggest alternatives to picking up the phone and asking her – – but again, I do things a little differently. Wedaholic, an online wedding planning site, hosts a list of “Unique Ideas For Asking Friends To Be A Bridesmaid” that are {creative} and .::sentimental::. at the same time.

If you’re not so much the crafty type, try this stylish online invitation/announcement site called Pingg  {a chic alternative to the traditional e-vite}. Here are a couple fun designs I found that remind me of my bridesmaids {figure out which ones you are BM’s :)}.

 Pingg -Gretchen   Pingg - Ashley    Pingg - Lexie    Pingg - Jamie    Pingg - Tessa   Pingg - Mckenzie

However, when it came to actually asking them myself, I went about it a little differently.  I used simple materials (cardboard, glue, pictures, stickers, wrapping paper, raffia, markers and colored card stock), did some cutting and gluing and created these little numbers.

Front of BM invite

{I got this little “poem” idea somewhere online –I’m sorry I can’t remember where – and tweaked it a bit to fit my style/wedding}


Me and Ashley BM     Me and T BM

{this is one of my BM’s, Ashley, from back in the day and my sister and MOH on the right}

 After making these, I purchased some colored tissue paper and plain white “gift” bags from the craft store and decorated them with each girls name on it.

G and L bags

{Gretchen and Lexie, my absolutely adorable sisters-in-law-to-be!}

I presented these to my friends in more intimate moments when I had either one or two of them together and could talk to them about the wedding, reminisce or just catch up. I really liked the fact that these were pieces the girls could hang up or put in a memory box and always have to remember.  Needless to say I had a lot of fun making them, watching their faces when they opened them and just getting some alone time with my new BM’s!

I love all you girls {Mckenzie, Jamie, Ashley, Tessa, Gretchen & Lexie}, thank you for accepting my invitation, I can’t tell you all how much it means to have you standing up there with me on my wedding day! J

::Remember:: This is just what I prefer, to each her own on how she wants to ask her bridesmaids!  As long as you make it special to you and her, you can’t go wrong.

Have you already asked your bridesmaids to be in your wedding party (or already had your wedding)? Did you do something special for them? If so, I’d love to hear what you did!




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