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Budget Resources #1

Good morning readers! Okay so I missed Monday again {busy weekend with the fiance’s surprise birthday party and no time to prep—sorry!} but I’ll have a double dose for you today 🙂

This week I’m highlighting a couple Budget Saving Resources I’ve come across, to help brides stay within their financial parameters while planning their big day {not always easy to do–eek!}. 

Budget Resource of the Day: Blogs


 I caught the blogging bug just recently {hence the inspiration behind this project} and ever since, I can’t get enough of them! There are blogs out there for everything you can imagine and when planning a unique, DiY or budget-friendly wedding, these little periodicals come in quite handy.  Not only do they impart creativity from blogger to blogger, but they breed + encourage others to take an idea and turn it into their own.  It’s also a GREAT way to network with other brides and take advice from their own experiences.  By utilizing their knowledge and taking it into account on your big day you’ll be able to save more, stress less and anticipate dilemmas with a little more ease. 

While searching for budget-friendly resources, I came across a blog written by a 25-year-old southern bride planning an extravagant affair on a less-than-extravagant budget.  Budget Savvy Bride takes you on her planning journey as she shares her experiences and use of imagination to make her dream wedding come true.

BSB envelopes a wide range of topics and even highlights a new “budget friendly” wedding each week.  In these spotlights, she breaks down the entire budget and explains how much was spent in each area for that particular bride + groom.  These entries can be very useful in breaking down your own budget if you come across one similar to yours {a must-see}.

Browsing through, I also came across Tips for the Stocking the Bar which I immediately saved on my thumb drive {which is getting quite full of wedding, I might add}.  Just this weekend I was talking with family and friends about how much to order of what, what kind is the best, who wants what, etc. It’s mind boggling! After that no-real-answer conversation, you can imagine my delight at finding this entry.  

bar tips

Not only did BSB break down how many guests she was expecting and what type of alcohol she planned to serve, she also gave her reasoning for it — I found this very helpful and would be useful if you’re not a big drinker or aren’t aware of what’s popular.  She also introduced me to this nifty little calculator that gave me a concrete answer to the haunting {how much?} question.  Since her wedding was in March, she was also able to give an update on how her numbers worked out – which was pretty right on.  She also goes on to give a few tips on how to save $$ when purchasing the alcohol — you should really check it out if you plan on serving adult beverages at your reception.  I’ll be reposting all this information from her entry {and then some} when I get to that point in the planning process.

The next mention-worthy blog I came across is appropriately titled {and easy to remember} Budget Wedding Blog. This resource comes courtesy of a bride married in 2007 who continues to help other to-be’s stay on track with their finances when planning the big day.   BWB states that “planning a budget wedding forced us to think outside the box, and the end result was a more creative, personal, unique celebration that focused on love rather than material goods.”  What great inspiration to find ways to be resourceful! I’m not even that far into my planning but I’m already finding that {to me} it’s worth taking the time –andenergy — to save a buck and make the memory more personable to me and FI (FI=fiance 🙂 ).

budget bride

BWB’s site is full of neat tricks to keep costs down.  Every week, the author themes certain days based on budget tips for the wedding. Her most recent Non-Floral Friday focuses on centerpiece alternatives – this time, she highlights candy apples as year-round substitutes to floral décor and ones that can also double as favors {double the yum}. 

 candy apple centerpiece

This creative bride also features Ten Ways Tuesday in which she chronicles 10 of the top saving tips for different areas of the celebration.  Here she recounts 10 money-saving ways to fit the music festivities into your plans. 

Another aspect of this blog that I thought was particularly useful, was the very original Skip It List.  It’s pretty self-explanatory.  Every couple weeks, BWB lists those oh-so-tempting wedding extras that are hard to resist yet easy to do without {think spray tans and professional photo albums}.  This list gives a different perspective on the little details and helps to bring brides {like me} back down to earth and focus on the things that are really important.

These are only two blogs among many that I looked into for budget-saving tips.  Try Googling budget + wedding + blogs to come up with your own list of money-saving resources –simple as that and worth the time. 🙂




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