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Moustache on a Stick


Obsessed, why? I have no clue. They’re they quirkiest little dealies, but I keep going back to them over and over and over again.

At first I ignored the fact that I wanted these really badly for my guest photo booth at the wedding.

But they keep popping up everywhere.

They’re quite draggish, in the opposite sense, but their appeal has overcome me.

Once again, I have given into another DIY project.

Damn you DIY angels, Ihavenomoretime!

I resisted – until I found the templates on Martha Stewart. Then I knew it was over.

The moustaches won.

I’ll detail my lovely lip project when I get to it.

Now . . .

Throwing a little obsession your way 😉






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Photo Display

I love this DiYphoto display idea for weddings. Like a lot.




big cartel

While google imaging the word twine, I also found this. Love.

Twine – my new fave.


Hoping to inspire the shabby chic in you.

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Aisle Decor

I’m in love with this new tissue paper pom-pom trend going on right now – courtesy of the one and only, Mrs. Martha Stewart!

The only catch is, I don’t want to force them into my decor to where it wouldn’t look right.

I also don’t want to use them instead of flowers.

And I don’t want to hang them.

Tissue paper pom-pom hanging is more for tea parties and store windows . . . I think.

I am in love with simple garlands though – they seem so whimsical and fairytale-ish.


In the midst of a little wedding discussion with my MOH yesterday, we came up with the idea of making tissue paper pom-pom garlands (similar to the ones above) and stringing them along the chairs for the ceremony aisle decor – much like in the picture below.

The garlands, however, would look a little more like these guys and be used to usher peope in through the opposite side of the aisle:



directions for the cloth ones

We could even use one to drape across the food serving stations – you know, give that area a little “pretty” too.

see bottom left: 

wedding table decor backyard wedding


 I love it! I’m so excited for it.  It’s not forced.  It’s inexpensive.  It adds the perfect touch to areas that can easly be forgotten.

And I know it’s trendy. Maybe too trendy, but I don’t care. Pretty garlands are my new obsession and with my budget, these are the only ones I’m going to get.

So all we need is time . . . oh yeah, time. Not a whole lot of it these days.

I think this calls for another DiY party with the girls – wine and apps included of course!

Let it begin,


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DiY Chandelier

I found sunshine on this cloudy Seattle day . . .

I am in love with this crafty, handmade chandelier from Sunset Magazine!

Shoot – it’d be beautiful in a garden or as a part of your home decor!

All you need is a wire basket, some votives, pretty jewels to string and a chain to hang it from.

You could even add flowers to make it more appropriate for a garden-style wedding.

Hmmm, where can I put this at my wedding?

Directions here.

🙂 makes me smile



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Makeup Tutorial from a Pro

I know I have yet to really broach this subject, but I found this wonderful little makeup tutorial for DIY’ing your own wedding, shower or rehearsal dinner makeup.  It’s never too early to start practicing. Plus, I wanted to share before it gets forever lost in my heaping inbox . . . ahh the beauty of YouTube 🙂


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DiY Sweet Love Garland

I found this absolutely adorable DIY Sweet Love garland via Style Me Pretty, and just had to share it with you all.  It would be a perfect addition to your candy buffet or cake table decor. 

darling dexter

Here are the step-by-step images that coordinate with the instructions below…

Several sheets of cardstock for the front (preferably white)
Several sheets of cardstock for the backing (a contrasting color)
Glue Stick
Decorative Paper Punch (I have a doilie punch from the Martha Stewart Craft Line)
Xacto Knive or Ribbon Paper Punch


1. Decide on what you would like your sign to say and then head to the computer to print out the individual letters. If you are looking for a more interesting font to use but don’t want to invest a lot of money on a high-price font, check out sites like dafont.com which offer mounds of free fonts.

2. Now is the time to decide how big you would like each of your individual letters to be–depending on where you plan to display them and how far away they need to be read. When cutting out your color backing be sure to make it large enough that when you punch your design into the edges, it still peaks around the sides of your letters.

3. Glue the two pieces of cardstock together.

4. Using an xacto knife or a ribbon paper punch (I know the Martha Stewart Craft Line carries one of these handy tools) — make the slots for your ribbon to pass through

5. Lastly, weave your ribbon through the individual letters and voila!

How Sweet It Is,

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DIY Fonts

Found these nifty little sites for you fellow DIY’ers

Have you ever wanted to make your handwriting into a font? There are a number of sites online that allow you to upload smpales of your handwriting and they’ll turn into a True Type font for a fee. The cool thing is you can create your own dingbats, too!

Fontifier $9.00

HandFont $249.00

YourFonts $9.95

FontCapture {FREE}

FontsForPeas {FREE}



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