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embossing = the answer?

So you all recall my current obsession/struggle with the dreaded invitation process right? {see here and here if not :)}  

Well friends, I think I have found a solution {and I’m super excited about it!}

To sum it all up real quick – I’m DiY’ing my invites on the computer to save on the $$green$$ {I can’t afford a fancy lil’ letter press} and using an at-home printer pretty much limits you to using white cardstock.  I’ve played around with numerous designs, layouts, color combos, etc. — you name it, I exhausted it. Got fed up. Quit. Researched more. Cycle continued. 

I want color but I don’t want outrageous designs on the white backing to evoke my wedding vibe and using just a few small details makes it look, well . . . boring.  I really want to be able to do as much as I can with the few options I have – and this does not make for an easy task. 

However, on that wonderful trip to Portland I talked about here, I stumbled into this magnificent little craft boutique called Paper Source – I fell in love. 

Inside Paper Source was a demonstration table which employees utilize to showcase store products . . . kind of like mini workshops. Well that day, they happened to be showcasing embossers. I was intrigued — as was my sister, my fellow Martha Stewart enthusiast (yes you, Marla) and our mini Martha-in-the-making (that’d be you Lex). 

So basically, embossers lend a special visual aesthetic to paper by adding texture to it. You need a stamp, ink pad, embossing powder and a heat gun. No, hair dryers do not work – I tried :).  The heat melts the powder, raising it and giving the stamp texture.  Best part – you can use it on colored cardstock, envelopes, etc.! {oh! and you can get glittered embossing powder – LOVE sparklies}




see it melting?



ta-daaaa! sparklies 🙂



{embossing with flock}

Here and here are more in-depth how-to’s, supply list and project pictures by a fellow DiY Bride if you’re interested!

Now, I got most of my supplies at Paper Source while there, but decided to check out Michaels’ options as well – and boy, did they have plenty! {check out their Martha Stewart section too – hellooo heaven :)}.  Okay –back on track — they have quite the variety of stamps, ink pads and powders – really anything your little heart may desire and LOTS of fun ideas.   I ended up buying my embossing gun there for $19.99, not bad :).  Take this little guy with you though, for a better deal!

Anyway, I’m so excited to start playing around with my splendid find and seeing what I can do to give bare invitations {or the outside of a colored envelope} that extra POP!

Not getting married but a craft-aholic too? Embossing is great for any occasion —  it allows you to leave a unique mark on gift bags, cards or plain stationary.  Check out the Paper Source blog for some rad ideas.




{just in time 🙂 – source}





PS I now have this strange urge to emboss every paper product I can get my hands on – Seattle City Light, how do you feel about aqua swirlies? hehe. What?  Who doesn’t love pretty colored designs!?

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