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the b word

My sister called me the B word last night.

Not cool, dude.

The b word – no bride wants to hear it.  Plus, have you actually seen Bridezilla (the WE show)? I’m nothing like those little crazies.

I don’t think. . .



Well, just by chance this morning, the little story below, from Project Wedding, popped up in my inbox.

 Happenstance? Fate? A sign . . . ?

Maybe so. Maybe all of the above.  

Still – the fact this fell into my lap after being called one (to my face, no less), I decided to post it. I’m sure brides-to-be can sympathize and understand me (even if it’s just a little bit) in a way that others aren’t able to . . . yet.

Well, without further-freakin-ado, the history of Bridezilla.

How Bridezilla is Born!

Bridezilla: An engaged, spoiled princess whose every demand has always been met for her wedding. Is this you? (expert advice)

We’ve all heard the horror tales of Bridezilla and most of us have made promises to never become that unbearable bride ourselves. Now that your big day is almost here and you’re in the middle of planning the biggest event of your life – have you found yourself wondering how you’ll keep that promise and hide the Bridezilla that seems to be within us all?

Who is Bridezilla?

Some people believe that Bridezilla is a spoiled princess who’s every demand has always been met. The truth is, every single bride-to-be has the potential to become this dreaded wedding monster. The only thing on her mind is the wedding and she’s ready to destroy anything that stands in the way of her perfect day.

How is Bridezilla Born?

It usually starts with a little disorganization and the realization that time is moving much faster than the wedding planning. Once this happens, usually a few months before the big day, it won’t take much to create a new Bridezilla. The stress of planning a wedding is usually the real reason so many sweet and loving brides transform into monsters within a matter of minutes.

A few things that can trigger Bridezilla behavior:

  • A delay at the printer that holds up the invitations.
  • Learning that your bridesmaid dress is only available in certain sizes – none of the ones you need.
  • Asking the groom-to-be for his portion of the guest list that still isn’t done.

As the big day gets closer, it will take even less to bring out Bridezilla. If the early warnings go unnoticed and nothing is done, a big wedding disaster could be in the future. I don’t know of any girl that has made it her goal to become Bridezilla, yet it happens everyday.

Bridezilla Doesn’t Have to be You

The first thing to remember is that there will never be a perfect wedding, but new brides usually never care once the day is over and most guests never even notice. The other – a bride-to-be cannot live on planning alone. Don’t neglect your friends, family, and loved ones for the sake of the wedding and don’t let the planning consume you!

You can’t hold back the appearance of Bridezilla on your own so communicate with your fiancé, parents, and bridal party and enlist their support. Warn your groom-to-be of the Bridezilla warning signs and let him know his importance in the planning. Finally, when you become wedding-crazed and can’t seem to think about anything else – take a day off. No planning, no browsing, don’t even look through a wedding magazine, and definitely don’t talk about the wedding. The most important thing is to manage your stress and don’t obsess over perfection – take time for yourself and you’ll avoid the curse of Bridezilla.

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wedding poison

Wedding Check List


aka wedding porn (you see why I did not put this in the title?)

Well, we all know what the latter word in the phrase means, but how is the word supposed to mean anything wedding?

That was my first thought and though I chose to totally ignore the small epiphany I had while reading over the symptoms and complications (thus the power of porn – right?), it made total sense to me.  Anyway, in my inability to push away from “all that is bad,” I’m going to attempt to explain it to you.

Maybe you are you stronger than me.

Before I was even engaged (and I know I’m not the only one), I was addicted to wedding websites, books, magazines, blogs, etc. Basically anyone’s wedding that popped up with the next “click” of the mouse.  A form of voyeurism, I suppose, though in the manner of coveting another bride’s big day, instead of the fascination of . . . well, you know.

I would imagine what my hair would like, the silhouette of my dress and whom I would choose for my bridesmaids. With all the resources out there, it has become way too easy  for it all to consume us. The “wedding porn” describes a strong fascination with a fantasy world, which in turn causes you to become unhappy with reality.  For example, some of those gorgeous Martha Stewart weddings are just NOT do-able unless you have a party of 20 or those outrageous weddings on the  on TLC that, let’s face it, aren’t going to happen unless you plan to spend 100K.

This all in turn leads to stress – stress and a desire to make your wedding picture perfect. Literally.

As a bride, I know I’m micro-managing (a term I prefer over Bridezilla, okay?) and I feel like I have this idea in my head that just has to happen. I, quite often, freak out about all I have left to do, all the details, and all the little things – when all I really need is a reality check (often times it comes in the form of my mom, MOH or FI) to be happy with what I’ve accomplished.

A recent bride told me she had to “cut herself off” the closer it got to the wedding in order to keep her moving forward and with as little stress as bride-ly possible. I think this is a smart decision – my time will come soon.

On another note, check out the groom’s perspective on the matter – it’s actually pretty funny.

I wish they had wedding rehab for crazy brides.

Actually, I don’t.

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a little history about the first thing we do when we’re announced man + wife 🙂

Do you know this information about Kisses?

adapted from Ruth McConnell, author of The Kissing Cure

1. A person burns 26 calories in a one-minute kiss.

2. Human brains have special neurons to help couples find each other’s lips in the dark.

3. As many as 278 colonies of bacteria are exchanged during a kiss.

4. An average person spends two weeks of their life kissing.

5. The scientific name for kissing is osculation.

6. A man who kisses his lady goodbye when he leaves for work every morning averages a higher income than a man who doesn’t.

7. Ninety percent of people worldwide kiss on the lips according to anthropologists.

8. Fifty percent of people have kissed before they turned 14.

9. Kissing can be a beauty treatment. Scientific tests show that good kissing helps reduce dermatitis, blemishes and skin rashes.

10. Kissing makes your hair glow and your hair shine.

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a different way to invite

Not quite my style, but it is a pretty cute invite style

via Blue Orchid Design

unique wedding invitation

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Fun Facts – how do you measure up?

Inspired by some fun wedding tidbits I found in a bridal magazine awhile back, I decided to make this little fact sheet myself to share with all of you.  Let’s see where you measure up 😉

Wedding Stats



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