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Completing the Bridal Ensemble

We have the dress, now what?

A list of the things a bride needs to complete her outfit for the big day!

What: The bustier/corset

Why: You still need something under the dress to hold up your ladies – even if there is a built-in bodice.

Where: Yakima Boutiques or even, try some of the Ebay stores that sell new items for a cheaper price.

What: slip

Why: this is optional – some need it for that extra “fluff” under their dress, though most dresses have it built-in

Where: see bustier/corset



 What: the shoes – a major part of the outfit

Why: our tootsie’s need a little fashion too

Where: Yakima Boutiques  and Payless Shoe Source have great options.

**Payless is currently having their BOGO sale – a great steal if you get your BM’s shoes there!**

You can also try places online, such as My Glass Slipper, Dyeable Shoe Store and Bridal Shoes .

What: jewelry

Why: it’s the icing on the cake – the perfect complement to your perfect dress

Where: Yakima Boutiques , local jewelry places and don’t overlook your fashion hot spots at the mall (e.g., Macy’s, Claire’s, etc.)

A few online resources: TigerLilly Jewelry, Etsy (for a handmade touch) or Tejani.

What: Lacey under garments

Why: You know why

Where: local places or the always fab, Victoria’s Secret

Of course – don’t forget your something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue!

Why is this important?

Happy Shopping (yes – I do believe that should be a capital S)


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Tidbit Tuesday


After the ceremony and photos, the bridal party’s bouquets often get plunked down and forgotten. Grouped on a side table in vases personalized with charming name tags, they’re showcased for all to enjoy.


Local Gift Resources


Take a snapshot of your look after the makeup trial. The camera picks up what the mirror might not. Looking at your reflection, you may think, “This is beautiful.” But, once the picture is taken, you may think the foundation is too white or something is off. A photo will help you correct that.

Local Hair and Makeup Resources


When you are posing for pictures, cross your legs at your ankles for a more flattering look. Also, to avoid a double-chin effect, turn your neck slightly and lower your chin to create a bit of a camouflaging shadow.



To make sure your engagement ring is at its sparkliest for your big day, clean it with a mixture of six parts water and one part ammonia. Use a soft-bristle brush to make it really shine.



Don’ts the Week Before the Wedding

1. Try a new food (hello allergic reaction)
2. Wax anything you have never waxed before (bumpy red irritated skin… and itching)
3. Cook in the middle of the night (hello second degree burns – on my face!)
4. Overeat (it is a tight white dress after all)
5. Starve (it can be a loose white dress if you are not careful – and you can faint)
6. Do anything too sporty (although the cast is white too – it just doesn’t look so good with the dress)
7. Try new makeup (see number 1 and number 3)
8. Get a hair cut from a new beautician (I think this one is a no brainer)
9. Stay awake and worry (no makeup can hide truly dark circles)
10. Forget that it is just a party (down Brideziila! – down girl!)

The Green Bride Guide


The last thing you want to pack on your honeymoon is a bunch of guide books! Take advantage of free travel podcasts available online, and your MP3 player can become your own personal tour guide.


A list of FREE travel podcasts

Lazaro 3607


Don’t go overboard on your wedding day jewelry. If you are wearing a statement necklace, don’t wear large earrings as well. Making one piece the focal point of your look creates a subtle, sophisticated effect.


Bridal Jewelry


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