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Map It!

{via Little White Book}

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Since my wedding-planning-research saga began, I started seeing a trend with these adorable, handmade + customized maps featured in blogs, bridal magazines and online craft shops like Etsy.  A DiY junkie, I fell in love with this {adorable} twist on the usual ho-hum diagrams found with most wedding invitations.

However – I don’t have a budget which allows me to spend $285 on a customized, hand drawn design . . . so I decided to take a stab at it myself! The result below:

{this definitely is NOT my first version or my last – I haven’t even added the Greenway yet!}

As long as you have paper and some colored pencils (or watercolor paints) you can create your own customized map too – NOTE: I have a scanner which made this process a lot easier. Here are the steps I followed:

1.       Know your wedding location and a general idea of where your guests will be setting up camp for the weekend.

2.       Have a few of your fave restaurants in mind to note on the map: remember variety and proximity though when considering where to direct your guests.

3.       Know the major attractions in Yakima and evaluate what you think your guests would most like to do in their down time. My map has some pretty general ones but check here if you want to send your guests on a weekend adventure or here for a more extended list 🙂!

4.       Click here for a real-view layout of the area (i.e. streets, parks, airport, etc.)

5.       Start drawing!  The scaling is hard at first but make sure you do it in pencil and mark light so you can erase without leaving too many marks on your map.  I did this step several times and used a full 8 ½ x 11 piece of computer paper.  Some pieces I even did on a separate piece of paper, cut it out and taped it on then would scan it {which eliminated the “erased” lines and allowed me to re-scale it}.  I continued these steps until I achieved my desired look . . . well, the current look anyway ;). 

6.       The last step is coloring, re-scaling it to your reproduction size on the scanner + making copies!

Not quite the artist type but love the idea? Check out this fancy little online tool {Wedding Mapper} which allows you to create a layout of your wedding city and mark your fave restaurants, cocktail lounges, shopping centers, etc. It also lets you add personal notes about each place you choose AND attaches the website! Even better, the website generates directions FROM any point TO any point on the map your guests choose! What a great addition to any wedding website and IT’S FREE! Can you see why I fell in love 🙂?

Here is the one I made for my personal wedding website . . . how fun, it’s like playing SIMS (kind of) :).

Anyway hope this helps + inspires your creative abilities! I’m hoping to have a finalized map soon {crossing my fingers}.  Until next time readers . . .



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Beautiful Paper

 Perusing my usual blog lineup, I found this ::uber:: cute Save the Date from Beautiful Paper.  Two problems though: 1. Finding vintage Yakima post cards may be a little tough (please see the P.S.), and 2. With half the guests coming from the area, a postcard like this wouldn’t produce the same effect as it has for the couple behind this blog.

Then . . . “light bulb”! I can use it just for the OOTs, right?  The wheels were turning and I immediately started experimenting with my Photoshop.  An hour or so later and voila, this little guy was born :)!

Welcome to Yakima

1. Welcome to Yakima: The Palm Springs of Washington sign 2. Authentic Valley apricots 3. The Capitol Theatre 4. Bottles of locally made wines

My idea {right now} is to print these out in a tag size (after a little more editing), string and pin them (with these cute little things) to apples and place them in the guests rooms along with a Valley map, local wineries brochure and a Yakima food/restaurant guide, which can all be found at the Visitor and Convention Bureau!  A small and inexpensive “welcome” arrangement for your OOTs!

If anyone would like the PDF of this welcome sign, let me know and I can post it so you can use it for your guests!


P.S. If you are interested in searching for vintage Yakima post cards, Robin, at the Yakima Herald, suggests looking into The Bindery, Craft Warehouse and antique shops around town (don’t forget the fruit stand on I-82 outside of Selah!).  If you can find even one, she further suggests copying the {little jewel} onto card stock and creating the STD from the image you found! Another cool piece of history to share with your OOTs and the local Yaks alike!

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We went shopping!

Hotel shopping that is 🙂

This post goes hand-in-hand with the Save the Date one because it’s important information that your guests {OOTs} will need as soon as possible (for those early planners ;)) and something that should be set up by the time you send out your STDs.

Hotel blocks are – you guessed it – just a bunch of rooms held especially for your OOTs and can be, most often, negotiated as a group rate with the hotel manager.  Some places may have you sign a contract and some won’t, however, you need to make sure that you are not liable for paying for the unused blocked rooms – big financial dilemma right before your wedding? No thanks!  Read before you sign please.

So, in order to book, go shopping!  Find an area of town you {fancy} and investigate your options.  You can either contact the manager ahead of time – which might be better if you plan to go on a weekend – or you can just pop in and just see what they have to offer. 

Well – our decision was pretty quick and easy.  I spoke with Sara, the General Manager from The Ledgestone Hotel, through email to set up a visit and tour with her.  Sara was very nice and informative and had no problem negotiating until we agreed on a price that we were both comfortable with – I can honestly say it was a very pleasant experience and not this big scary thing like I imagine most negotiating encounters to be. 

Anyway, The Ledgestone is *new* and it is beautiful! When I saw the rooms {suites} I felt like I was in a swanky downtown condo in the big city – no joke! These rooms are fully equipped with a living room, separated bedroom, FULL kitchen and little dining table {amazing}!



Cool, right? I’m excited to show off this {stylish little} part of Yakima to my chic Seattle friends :). Thank you Sara!

Big Plus: The Ledgestone will soon be welcoming Bob’s Burgers & Brew to their parking lot, which is described as having an “adult Red Robin-ish” vibe to it – check it out!

In order to give our guests a little more leeway and help them explore their options as well, we also visited the Oxford Inn {they accept pets too!}, located just across the freeway from The Ledgestone.  The Oxford Inn (not the Suites) already has a standard “wedding rate” of $85 per night, so no negotiating needed for that great price! 

Located right on the beautiful Yakima River, the Oxford may be a little more family friendly with an outdoor swimming pool and the Greenway located right behind the hotel – perfect for strolling along with the kiddies.  We met with the on-site manager – Corrie – who gladly gave us a tour and answered all our questions!


Both places were very helpful and the FI and I feel like both hotels will fit perfectly into the vision of our OOTs 🙂 — another check off our list of to-do’s though not quite a “wedding victory”.

Have a good Monday readers!



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