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Tidbit Tuesday


After the ceremony and photos, the bridal party’s bouquets often get plunked down and forgotten. Grouped on a side table in vases personalized with charming name tags, they’re showcased for all to enjoy.


Local Gift Resources


Take a snapshot of your look after the makeup trial. The camera picks up what the mirror might not. Looking at your reflection, you may think, “This is beautiful.” But, once the picture is taken, you may think the foundation is too white or something is off. A photo will help you correct that.

Local Hair and Makeup Resources


When you are posing for pictures, cross your legs at your ankles for a more flattering look. Also, to avoid a double-chin effect, turn your neck slightly and lower your chin to create a bit of a camouflaging shadow.



To make sure your engagement ring is at its sparkliest for your big day, clean it with a mixture of six parts water and one part ammonia. Use a soft-bristle brush to make it really shine.



Don’ts the Week Before the Wedding

1. Try a new food (hello allergic reaction)
2. Wax anything you have never waxed before (bumpy red irritated skin… and itching)
3. Cook in the middle of the night (hello second degree burns – on my face!)
4. Overeat (it is a tight white dress after all)
5. Starve (it can be a loose white dress if you are not careful – and you can faint)
6. Do anything too sporty (although the cast is white too – it just doesn’t look so good with the dress)
7. Try new makeup (see number 1 and number 3)
8. Get a hair cut from a new beautician (I think this one is a no brainer)
9. Stay awake and worry (no makeup can hide truly dark circles)
10. Forget that it is just a party (down Brideziila! – down girl!)

The Green Bride Guide


The last thing you want to pack on your honeymoon is a bunch of guide books! Take advantage of free travel podcasts available online, and your MP3 player can become your own personal tour guide.


A list of FREE travel podcasts

Lazaro 3607


Don’t go overboard on your wedding day jewelry. If you are wearing a statement necklace, don’t wear large earrings as well. Making one piece the focal point of your look creates a subtle, sophisticated effect.


Bridal Jewelry


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Real Wedding: Sasha + Jose

I’m so excited to share this beautiful wedding with you. It was photographed by my very own talented wedding photographers, Phil + Jessica Bentz of Stone Castle Photography. These photos are stunning and I fell in love with them right away — you’ll see why. 

See, beautiful!  It looks so relaxing, fun and full of love.  Stone Castle did a great job capturing their big day.  Check out more of Stone Castle’s work on their facebook page or their {very creative} blog. Congrats Sasha + Jose!


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::vintage engagement::

Just wanted to show off my fabulous photographers’  {amazing}  skills with our engagements photos . . . annnnd my cute fiance :).

Lots of kissy faces XOXO

Thank you Stone Castle Photography!












 Thank you to the Capitol Theatre staff for letting us use their wonderful building and to the Mac ladies for my make-up!




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Victory #2: Photographers


Stone Castle Photography

Victory #2: Wedding Photographer

Okay victory #1 was our venue, which is also a BIG deal, yes, but we booked that back in January (victory #1 ½ can be Kyle’s ring – monumental none-the-less).

Anyway . . . we booked our photographers!!  To two picture-lovin’, moment-catchin’, memory-makin’ fanatics {okay maybe way more me than him :)} this is h-u-g-e . . . huge.

This wasn’t an easy endeavor either.  Photographers are something we started looking at very early on in our engagement.  For the past year, I have immersed myself in their websites, blogs and facebook pages . . . all the way from Yakima to New York!  Easy to admit, I quickly became addicted to {and fell in love with} all the incredible, wonderful and inspirational artists {photographers} out there.

This was a hard decision.  Prices were higher than we had initially anticipated but booking the right photographer was crucial {to us} . . . and the good ones book early.  It’s important for me to have the emotion {joy} + passion {love} captured in the ceremony, as well as the happiness + spirit of the reception.  I’m also big {huge} on details {it’s what makes the day unique } and I want to hold onto these memories – to remember them forever.  It takes a creative eye to see and capture all of these crazy::lovely::distinct elements + moments.

And so . . . I am thrilled to have signed the contract.  I couldn’t help but smile as we handed over our deposit, knowing we had made the right decision with Stone Castle Photography.  Ahhh . . . a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders and I am happy {and honored} to say that our new friends, Phil and Jessica, will be shooting our big day!

Check out more of their wonderful work on their blog and FB page!

{our engagement photos coming soon}



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Deals Around the Valley #7

Deals Around the Valley #7: $100 off any photography/videography package

KB Videography

Kira Baron, a Yakima Valley photographer and videographer, is offering $100 off any photography or videography package for weddings in the month of October 2009.

 A passionate artist, check out Kira’s site for more information on available dates, packages and contact information!

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feeling {nostalgic}

I’ve been feeling very nostalgic lately.  I love the movies, the style, the music of {way back when}.  I’ve always been fascinated by my parents’ and grandparents’ childhood photos and the time they grew up in. Everything seemed peaceful . . . and beautiful. I am very drawn to this world I can only know through others’ words and their memories on paper.  The source of the nostalgia came when I went home last weekend and discovered an old photo album in my parents’ closet.  To my delight, the album was full of pictures from their wedding day in {August 1982}.  I’d seen all these pictures before, but I looked at them differently now . . . I looked at them and saw me and my future husband standing there just like my parents had 27 years ago.  In order to hold on to that feeling of {bliss}, I created this collage to remind myself to smile amongst all the haste and stress of planning my wedding and to look forward to the joy of being married to a wonderful man.

Mom and Dad vintage collage

My parents’ wedding August 21, 1982

 On another note, I recently came across these {BEAUTIFUL} vintage engagement photos. Finding them very fitting to my mood, I wanted to share them with you. They serve as a stunning inspiration to anyone who is as fascinated by the past as I am. 


 JSPhotoJoeJulieBlog_02  JSPhotoJoeJulieBlog_22


Jen Stewart Photography



From Vintage Glam Weddings

While these photos aren’t necessarily my future husband’s idea of an engagement session, I think I talked him into having a little fun {like this} with ours :).  If this isn’t your idea of what the engagement photos should be either, I suggest searching through wedding and photography blogs on the net for a look that fits you.  For some hometown inspiration check out Stone Castle Photography for unique settings, Mind Castle Studios for a modern look or Memory Montage Productions for a touch of old school charm (as seen on their Facebook page).  Regardless of your style, just remember this is a great opportunity to have fun, be romantic and be playful.  When else do you get to dress up for a photo shoot?!



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