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Engagement Photo Session

Seriously in love. Stone Castle – you never fail to amaze me.




Definitley saved the best for last. I cannot get over the beautiful rustic look of this photo.

I’m sold.

For more pictures from Nathan and Ellisa’s e-session, head on over to the Stone Castle Photography blog!


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Photo Display

I love this DiYphoto display idea for weddings. Like a lot.




big cartel

While google imaging the word twine, I also found this. Love.

Twine – my new fave.


Hoping to inspire the shabby chic in you.

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Weddings have gone to the dogs – Chesney in the wedding


Yep, that’s her . . . our baby girl.

Or more specifically, our panty-stealin’, couch-hoggin’, cheese-lovin’ little monster – don’t let the cute puppy face fool you.

Despite, we love her.

I love her so much I’m gonna show her off again . . .

I’m a proud mama 🙂

Anyway, since I’ve had this innate unconditional love for animals since I was a child, it only makes sense to include her in my wedding day.  The catch? She’s still a puppy – we just celebrated her first birthday last Friday – and we don’t trust her to do well in a crowd . . . or the heat for that matter.  So, sis won’t be walking down the aisle with us this day.  As of now, we plan to only have her around for a few pictures and then whisked off to doggy paradise, i.e., a friend’s farm with horses and other dogs to play with, F-U-N.

So the pup’s in, and while she’s not walking down the aisle, I’ll still need to make sure she looks cute for the pictures.  Here is a little trendy pooch inspiration:





Planning to have your furry friend walk you down the aisle too? To protect the animal loving brides from potential disaster, here are a couple rules and basic etiquette for including Fido in the big day (via The Bridal Bar):

1. Just like everything else about your wedding, organization is key. Make sure to plan where your dog is staying before and after the reception. How will he arrive? And who will be responsible for taking him home?

2.  Is your dog ready for his/her wedding debut? How does he/she react to crowds? Children? Practice helps make perfect but so does being realistic about the demeanor of your dog – be sure this is a good idea knowing your little loved one.

3. Assign a babysitter – whether a professional or a loved one the dog is comfortable with. 

4.  Staying out of town? Look for a hotel with a policy that allows for dogs in their rooms or arrange for boarding while you’re away.

5.  Ask first! You will need permission from the venue to include your dog. Many locations won’t allow for it, so if this is a deal breaker, be sure to ask the question when location scouting. 

6. If you are dressing up your dog, allow for a preliminary fitting, especially if you are having a custom tuxedo or outfit made. The same goes for floral garlands, make sure your florist knows the correct neck size. Garlands that tie with ribbons make for easy adjustments but should be sturdy enough to handle a little wedding day wear and tear. Alert your florist that it’s for a dog (some flowers can be dangerous to dogs and you don’t want them eating something they shouldn’t!)

Planning, like with all wedding elements will give you the best recipe for doggie day success – so don’t forget to prep for your pup!

See the complete list of rules here.

These celebs are including their four-legged friends in the big day too. . . and if the celebs are doing it, it must be cool!

Jennifer Hudson

Anna Paquin

Carrie Underwood

Jerry O’Connell and Rebecca Romijn

Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz

Celeb flair – always a hoot 🙂

Now . . . how should we dress our pup up?

More on this later.

I’d love to hear from any of you who also include their pooch in the big day!

(I just realized there are only so many ways you can reference a dog . . .)


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