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{the sweet tooth bride}

HAD to share this absolutely fabulous candy buffet via Green Wedding Shoes.  It’s perfect for my very own wedding candy bar inspriation, the colors are even perfect! Mouth watering yet?

bridal shower ideas

bridal shower dessert bar

bridal shower dessert bar

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Victory #8: the deejay


{Stone Castle Photography}

dancing = tons of fun

You can let loose, free your mind, whirl + twirl, work off those cake and cocktail calories . . .

My family is the “let’s have fun”, dancin’ type and we will definitely be having a dance par-tay at our wedding. 

Got my friends.

Got my fam.

Got a dance-worthy occasion.

The last piece of the puzzle, a rad deejay – and I got him last weekend!

{check out my little interview/article in the new Yakima Valley Bride – I will post it later tonight}

To be honest, we did think about doing the whole iPod thing. . . . buuut, I don’t have time to make a playlist, complete with a wide range of booty-shakin’ tunes, find somewhere to rent speakers, find someone to set them up, rent mics, etc. etc.  It’s a hassle. Is there even money saved at that point, anyway?

Maybe yes. Maybe no. One thing I do know, is its one less thing for the me {the bride, the intern, the mom to a puppy and fiancé to a very busy basketball coach} to stress about. And that makes it sound so much more wonderful.  So, we made the decision to put in someone else’s hands.

I am picky about the music I want, and when I talked with Entertainment Plus DJ, I felt confident that I’d be getting what I wanted, not what the deejay thought was best.  The deejay however, isn’t called a Master of the Ceremony (MC) for nothin’!  They know how to play the tunes that keep the people on the dance floor and the reception moving throughout the night . . . I do not.

While I’ve got my wonderful deejay booked, however, I am still unsure about which kind of music I want played at certain points, if I want the garter toss, money dance . . . you get the idea.  How interactive do I want my guy to be? All things I have yet to ponder and mull over.  I trust Entertainment Plus that if I am against a certain “game”, forced activity, funky costume or whatever, that they will listen to me. I just want some cool tunes and a fun atmosphere, bottom line.

However, as a bride you need to think very thoroughly about what you want vs. what can happen.  If it weren’t for what this wonderfully helpful {and recent} Yakima bride had to say in reference to her deejay, I would never have thought about this stuff :
“…he refused to play a request my BROTHER made saying it was ‘inappropriate’ and further into the night he played a song I didn’t want and when I told my MOH to ask him to change…he replied to her “if the bride wants me to change the song you can tell her she needs to come to me.  Additionally after our toasts, he had us do a cheesy pose and smile for the camera…” 

So for my part, I realize I need to be up-front and forward with my concerns and thoughts in order to achieve the effect I expect.  Talk with the deejay and let him know the point of contact.  That’s something all brides should think about – don’t just assume it’ll turn out like you want.  Know what you’re looking for and make sure to convey those thoughts before they happen.  No cheesy, forced poses for me, please!

Still looking for your deejay? Check out YV Bride’s music list.

Still convinced you want to go the iPod route? Let this article help you make that happen. Or check out this horror story so you can take preventitve measures.

Still on the fence? Brush up on what you need to know BEFORE you choose an iPod for your event.

Still don’t have a clue? Here you go :).




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On a Budget:: Centerpiece Inspiration

Awhile back, one of my fellow Yakima brides, Chelsea, contacted me with the following question:

Hey Kadee! I love reading your blog! I’m getting married 7-10-10 and I cannot for the love of me figure out what to do with our centerpieces. We’re having an outside reception at a winery and are on a budget. Any ideas? I feel like I’m on the verge of a bridal meltdown and need a fellow brides opinion. Let me know if you have any ideas!
P.S I’m a Yakima bride too!

I thought this was a really good question, timely and useful for brides with budgets big and small.  Thank you for posing the question Chelsea, I hope the below resources will help you out a little.  Oh, and if you ever feel on the verge of a bridal meltdown, check out my personal episode here — just wanted to give you someone to sympathize with ;).

1.  Spray paint some branches to include in your wedding arrangement and minimize the use of flowers.

manzanita wedding tree centerpieces crystal tree orchid tree

DIY Instructions + Tutorial

more branch inspiration

2. Utilize candles in the centerpiece arrangements – they’re cheap and beautiful when lit.

varying heights candles

Wedding Candle Centerpiece Ideas here 

and here

3. You can have an arrangement with only a few flowers and decorate the vase with fruit instead.

lemon roses centerpiece

Fruit Centerpiece Ideas here

and here

4. Go with Simple + Sophisticated.  Order your flowers wholesale and keep your centerpieces minimal — more vases, in varying heights and sizes, and less flowers can look very chic and is an inexpensive way to fill space on the table. 

{this is my plan}

Wholesale Flower Info


{look into Costco for wholesale flowers and  local thrift shops for your vases}

5. Get creative with Carnations.

carnation centerpiece ideas

design ideas

 For more ideas, see what other brides are saying , look into DIY alternatives (don’t forget video tutorials), or just keep wading through the mounds of wedding photos  available on Google for inspiration . . . and maybe, just maybe, an idea will spark.






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2010 trends from the Knot

a huge fan of the Knot’s wedding inspiration, I decided to repost their 2010 trend guide. below, click the pictures to check out their awesome pictures, dazzling details, super savvy style and of course, the flair.


reception trends

wedding hairstyles

bold wedding cakes

wedding stationary

7 new catering ideas

retro bridal showers

wedding dress trends

bbq rehearsal dinners

bridesmaid dresses

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The Paper Plate Debate

Yep, it’s okay – I cringed at those words too when they popped up in my “wedding sphere”, but before I go further, let me give you the down low on why this is even a subject of consideration for me right now . . .

Ok, so we haven’t officially chosen our caterer, but we’ve basically chosen our caterer.  Rhonda was a reference from friend, a lot of fun and offered tons of ideas for us to pick and choose from – she was an easy decision.  However, her on-the-side wedding catering is done with the resources from her current job – New Hope Missions.  Because of this, her prices are lower {the food is just as good!} but, so are the tableware options – as in one choice basically.  Described as “ugly” by the lady herself, Rhonda suggested if we decide not to go with those, to use paper plates instead to save on costs. 



Wedding + Paper Plates.


I, for the last month and a half now, have chosen to ignore this situation and let that problem slide right off my shoulders.  However, having recently phased into “wedding mode” again, this dilemma has been at the forefront of my mind.  Naturally, I took to Google.  I wanted to see what others were saying about this . . . surely I wasn’t the first one to approach the subject.

There were mixed reviews + opinions and plenty of them.  I was humbled however.  As one person pointed out {in a nutshell}, “it doesn’t matter what you eat off of, and you shouldn’t care what other people think. It’s your wedding, your budget, your day and a free meal for them”.  I’ve never been to a wedding with paper plates so I really don’t know what would cross my mind.  Anyway . . . I began researching rental companies (see YV Bride’s list here) and dishware/stemware/glassware prices.  If I guessed my #’s correctly, these rentals will be almost an extra $500 chunk from the budget PLUS our responsibility, not the caterer’s {unless she chooses to be the middle man}.  That’s a lot of money and a lot of dishes to wash. 




Innocently and curiously, I started checking out paper plates – this led me to some designer looking ones (if you will) and were getting pretty pricey.  However, I realized you can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig.  Wasn’t happy. Plus, that’s a lot of waste and paper/plastic plates do NOT biodegrade, spending years in landfills . . . not good.

This got me onto the green trail. Are biodegradable paper plates better than reusable plates? Are they even cheaper? This lovely little blog gave me great insight.  While the reusable plates are the better way to go {green speaking + if washed in the dishwasher ONLY}, there are some disposable alternatives right on their back.  Earthshell and Greenwave Paper Plates are both 100% biodegradable, eco-friendly + compostable options made from products such as potatoes, limestone, sugar cane and bamboo.  They’re not pricey – compared to their counterparts – either, you can get 240 plates for $35.99 and they promise “strong and sturdy”. 




Hmmm . . . I can jump on this train I think.

Maybe anyway.

I do feel better about this whole thing after thinking about my research more. Our wedding is going for the chic barbecue feel and I think paper plates might be okay {but I know that reusable ones will always be okay}. Plus, I decided to take an internship this month, which means a huge pay cut for me and we really need to figure out where we can/are willing to cut corners.  If we let our guests know we’re trying to be earth-friendly and set aside specific bins for compostable materials (i.e. food scraps and the plates) can we really go wrong? Can we be humble and not turn up our noses? I have no idea which way I’m gonna go . . .

The great paper plate debate continues.

Let me know what you think readers, I’d love to hear your take on it.



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the way to “I DO”

I love the look of these rustic wedding signs . . . they’re simple and so so so adorable. Perfect for a garden summer wedding in Yakima — and something that makes the day that much more YOU 😉

100layercake.com in memory chair 100 Layer Cake

100layercake.com sign and flowers

100 Layer Cake

100layercake.com wedding sign

100 Layer Cake

oncewed 38


oncewed chalkboard wedding


oncewed vows


oncewed sign




Hope you enjoy these simple decor ideas, I sure did . . . let’s see what we can do dad ;)!




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{the purpose of fun – is to have it}

While planning a wedding, it’s easy to get caught up in the details, the food, the music, the activities, etc. that entertain you and your kin alike – what we {I} tend to forget are the wee ones that will be attending.  This though sparked another one of my great wedding investigations 🙂.


Here is some of the ::fun:: inspiration I found to keep the kiddos occupied, entertained and happy at the wedding (not to mention the parents):



The Little White Book

{see the coloring on the paper table cloth? – brilliant :)}


The Little White Book




LOVE the idea of DiY coloring books – I’m thinking My Little Pony and Ninja Turtles –a  few of my faves as a child that I’d love to share with the little ones ;).





Queen City Bride

{love the idea of the sign for the table}

Intimate Weddings also suggests these inexpensive ideas to add to the kids’ tables:

  • Play Dough
  • Bubbles
  • Crayons and coloring pages
  • Simple (non-messy) crafts
  • Beading
  • Make a monster or robot
  • There’s also the option of having a DVD player with a kids movie, complete with popcorn.

Hope these help spark some inspiration in your inner child as well – these are definitely going in my “planning book” – more thoughts on these later!



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