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my {silver} shower and the registry check-in

To be honest, I was nervous about my silver shower.  I was unsure about being the center of attention in a group of women I had only met once or twice in my life.  Also, to have these ladies put so much effort into something for me made me a bit uneasy.  You see I call my Seattle shower my silver shower (new friends), and while this wonderful group of women – the Ballard moms they call themselves – had played such a huge role in my to-be family’s life, they were still new to me. After the shower, though, I felt so differently.

Sue, Karri and my MIL Paula put this whole thing together without asking anything from me other than my preferences and a guest list.  In fact, the first time I saw Sue for the shin dig I gave her a hug. I don’t know why I did, it just felt natural for all she was doing for me. Walking in, I really wasn’t expecting a whole lot either.  I thought there would be a few gifts and recipes (the theme for the night was “kitchen”) and friendly chatter.  Nope.

There were a ton of gifts. A fantastically planned and yummy meal. Chi-chi’s (as Karri called the alcohol version of the Pina Colada). Wine. And more wine.

*Sidenote: I did a horrible  job photographing the details of the night. No pictures of the food. No pictures of the gifts. One picture of the group and a few of me unwrapping the gifts. My video camera never left my purse the entire night, and it doesn’t do much good in there. For Sue having called me the “family historian” (a term I smiled proudly at), I did not live up to it that night. I am now kicking myself for being so lazy.

Anyway, so how did the shower go? Amazing.

I learned I was related to a close family friend of one of the women. I learned what another wore the day of her wedding shower.  And I learned the delicious dumpling recipe of Granny Lovana. Pure bliss.

My favorite part? Almost all of the words these women wrote in their cards to me, expressed the same thing – “welcome to our Ballard family.” Family – Seattle had never felt like home so much. 

Now – in the wedding planning world – back to business.
Shower guests rely on your registry for gift ideas. Some get the ideas and buy elsewhere, which is perfectly fine, but  can mess up your registry a bit. By doing a registry check-in when the gifts start coming, you can ensure that you are still getting what you need and are cutting down on the potential of having to return too many items.
Here, a few tips from Project Wedding:

When You Have Received a Favorite

Typically, most brides will receive a set that they instantly fall in love with – or they will receive a set that they fell in love with at the store and were really hoping for. If this happens, you may want to do a registry check in and look for other items that match the set. For instance, you may want a particular set of placemats and napkin rings that go very well with the china you have received. Or, you would love to have the bathroom rugs that match the towels you’ve gotten.

Just slip into your registry account and add those items to it. Also, this is a great time to remove items you’re getting too much of.

Receiving Too Much of One Thing

At some point, pretty much every bride discovers that she’s gotten too much stemware or way too many towels. While you would never mention this to your friends, family and guests – most typically include return information just incase. When you discover that you are getting too much of one thing, you need to remove that item from your registry list to ensure that those still checking the registry don’t see it. A registry check in from time to time will help you learn what items are being purchased and what you may need to remove.

Broken and Unwanted Items

It happens to most brides and it’s likely to happen to you as well – you’ve received something you didn’t really want or it was broken in the box. Since most stores provide bridal receipts for return purposes, it will probably be quite easy to return or exchange your broken and unwanted items. It may be a good idea, however, to wait until the ceremony is over if possible so you don’t exchange it for something another person has already purchased you.

By performing a wedding registry check in, you can manage the items you’re receiving and ensure that you get exactly the right amount of everything – and just what you wanted.

Make new friends,

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Victory #10: The Registry


People started asking – so it was time to deliver.

If you remember back to this post, I talked a little bit about the problems I was having with registering and how I wanted a honeymoon registry only.  Afterall, we’ve lived together for quite some time now and aren’t in a permanent home yet – how am I supposed to know how I want to decorate my home if I don’t have it yet? How do I know what color drapes and dishes I’ll want in a year or two?

People kept encouraging me to register for traditional items, however, and added that some people may want to buy a gift for your home specifically.

To say the least, I caved. We did a regular wedding registry and a honeymoon registry.

The top three things the FI wanted going in:

1. California king-sized bed

2. Flat screen TV

3. Nike clothes

(that’s the wish list ;)).

Me? I had no clue, other than a couple cookware pieces I’d been eyeing (and I don’t even cook yet – key word) and some home entertaining fun stuff.

Registering sounds fun, and I’ll admit I did have it, but I was a little anxious for the following reasons:

1. I don’t know what I really need/want yet – I just don’t, it’s hard for me to look forward in that sense.

2. What we’re in now to me, is a house. I don’t have the will or want to completely decorate and style something I’ll be moving out of in a year – and with our pattern, we move every year :/

3. I don’t want to offend someone by putting something down that costs $75 – in the same turn, I don’t want to put the cheaper $25 version of that item down only to find it rust or break in a few years.

4. I don’t want china – does anyone even use the china sets they get for their wedding? Unless the Obamas are coming for dinner, regular dishes will work just fine.

However, walking through the aisles at Bed, Bath & Beyond (loooove btw), I realized a few things:

1. I like cleaning supplies – good, get-the-grit-out, cleaning supplies. Afterall they are my Friday night dates lately (am I already married?? :)).

2. I like to bake. I like cookies, cakes, pies – you name it. I like the supplies that come along with baking.

3. We entertain a lot – especially in the summer, or anytime near basketball playoffs, any Sunday with football, family birthdays and just this past year, holidays. So, a lot. And right now, we don’t always have enough stuff to entertain with (e.g., place settings, warmers, trays.).  BB&B had a lot of great ideas to choose from.

The conclusion: we registered mostly for the stuff that fell into categories 1, 2 and 3 above.  Oh yeah, and silverware. We never seem to have enough spoons. And wine glasses. Needed those too, red and white.

All in all, we registered at thee places – Honeyfund (for the honeymoon), Bed, Bath & Beyond (way practical and our fave) and Macy’s (Yakima doesn’t have a BB&B :().


At BB&B and Macy’s both – you can add to, and edit, your registries online, definite bonus.

At the point of registering too?

Check out these Yakima gift registry resources

Here are some wedding registry tips including the top 5 things you should splurge on and a comprehensive checklist.

Thinking of registering at Macy’s too? Check out their FAQs for more info!

Be victorious,


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registry relationship: it’s complicated


{or maybe I just make everything complicated}
Have you heard of a honeymoon registry?  Click here for a detailed Q&A


Prelude: The first time I heard about this concept was about four years ago, and my immediate impression –“this is pretty awesome”. 
Fast Forward: The FI and I have lived together for almost two years now, and we have accumulated many of the traditional registry items that couples put on their “wish list.”  Sure, I could use matching china and fluffier towels; sturdy silverware and gorgeous vases; candlesticks and an espresso machine . . . who couldn’t?  
However, two things:

1.     We’re still moving around a lot. We rent – no permanent home, no permanent lay out.

2.      I’m only 24, and I just personally haven’t found my nesting style yet. 

See, I do things in a certain order that make sense to me {and quite possibly only me}.  For years I have been focused on getting through college.  Once I graduated {2008}, my mental energy was redirected to wedding planning and getting a job (a $10 an hour internship doesn’t give you much freedom of style either.).  Right now, I really feel that the ill-matching dishes we’ve accumulated in our two years of sharing a home are okay for now.

{Nesting = matching home décor, a banana hammock, cooking dinner every night, home entertainment pieces, hosting game night}

Trust me, these are all items I very much want in the future, but right now I just can’t think that far ahead. I really don’t want to register for items I kind-of like or will end up Good Will-ing in a year.  I don’t know what I need; I don’t know what the good stuff is.  
What I can think about though, is our honeymoon.  We have never taken a trip like this together, and honestly, a tropical romantic vacation is something we both really want.  However, between my internship and him finishing graduate school, it may be a little harder for us to take that dream trip.

Cue the investigation . . .

I read quite a few reviews on honeymoon registries; a lot of people were on board with the newer model, and others weren’t so much, exclaiming they found it cheesy and tacky. 

I hate those words.  I don’t want my wedding to be considered “cheesy” or “tacky.”

You want to know my bottom line though: we did a honeymoon registry. 

I have to be me, I have to be us. I can’t do the tradition just because, well, it’s a tradition.  I love finding new styles and new trends.  This one may never quite make it, or maybe it’ll become the norm a hundred years down the road.  I don’t know. But I’m going to try it.

{Check out my honeymoon registry recommendations at the bottom of the post.}

Through the research, I did find a suggestion I could get on board with.  Offer a traditional registry to complement the honeymoon registry. 

Why I think this is a good idea?

No, it’s not a decision made out of greed either.  Anne from “I Will” to “I Do” suggests the traditional registry would be good for “those guests who would prefer to send you something for your home.”  I like this idea because the bride and groom are then able to satisfy the traditionalists, yet add a fresh approach that suits them.  After all, neither registry need to be jam-packed. 

the groom’s fantasy 🙂

Have any of you done or seen a honeymoon registry? I would love to hear your comments and feedback!



Honeymoon Registry Recommendations

Allows  you to register by adding activities to your honeymoon. Guests get to pick which activities (or portions of) they would like to gift you.  Honeyfund is free – unlike other sites – and merely ask for donations throughout your membership with them.  Note: if you choose to receive money via your PayPal account, PayPal will charge just 3% of the total accumulated.  Honeyfund will walk you through the process should you decide to receive your gifts this way.

Other registries that seem to have gotten good feedback:

See full size image

Note: these last three do charge, whether it’s an upfront fee or a portion of your gifts, beware on charging guidelines.

Hope these help, just do a little research to see what other couples are registering for and which one might be best for you!



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