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Let’s Hear it for the Boy


Here is the groom information {part deux) that I gathered from the wonderful world of The ManRegistry!

The following article {from MR} is written by Marie O’Mara of Honeymoons.com and talks about the grooms responsibilities during the planning process.  Really interesting, a different take on groom’s duties and a very entertaining read altogether, check it out!

Groom’s wedding planning duties have evolved from what we traditionally remember them to be.

Purchase engagement ring. Check.
Propose. Check.
Pick groomsmen. Check.
Purchase wedding rings.  Check.
Pick out tux and get groomsman gifts. Check.
Plan Rehearsal Dinner. Check.
Plan & book the Honeymoon. Check.


Traditionally the groom’s responsibility includes a short and easy list that covers the basics, and for the groom, that is where the “Wedding Planning” responsibilities once ended!  However, as many of you are already finding out, that isn’t the end. We have listed a few things to consider and keep in mind to make your PRE WEDDING life go a bit easier. This list may not apply to everyone, but should keep any groom out of the doghouse and more importantly, keep your fiance thrilled for even offering! 

From here on out in the wedding planning process you should know that:  

1)  You are happy to be involved in the planning & choosing vendors.

2)  You are expected to go with your fiancée to register, and yes this is a big deal.

3)  You need to make sure someone is planning her bridal shower.  DO NOT ASSUME. (You don’t need to be involved, but keep an open ear to make sure someone has taken the lead and planning is underway.)

4)  You are expected to get the names & addresses of the guests on your list. (Facebook, email & phone numbers do not count.)

5)  YOUR mother is not in charge of planning the wedding!

6)  You’re already thinking of what songs will make a great first dance.

7)  You’re not inviting your ex girlfriend to the wedding, and it is not appropriate to even ask. (Ok, Mr. Geller?)

8)  You want to be involved, or at least offer, to stuff the invitation envelopes!

9)  You have researched plenty of honeymoon locations and have done all the homework before picking the place!

10)  You understand how stressed your fiancé is with planning the wedding. She won’t appreciate being nicknamed Bridezilla. It’s funny, but it’s also hurtful.

11)  Sex on the wedding night is most likely not going to happen, and that this isn’t a “preview” to your sex life for the rest of your life.

Love it! Guys, this post is really meant to help you help her by getting involved and knowing when, how and where to do just that.  This isn’t an event you’ll want surprises to pop up at because the day represents both of you.  I also recommend checking out the Groom’s Guide to Thank You’s {yep, you gotta to them too ;)} as well as Budgeting the Groom’s Side of the Wedding . . . as a girl, I know how easy it is to get caught up in the manicures, makeup and bubbly for the ladies, but brides can certainly benefit from this article as well! Don’t worry though guys, there are plenty of fun posts to weed through too, such as: A Groom’s Guide to Surviving a Bridal Expo; a discussion on Jim and Pam’s Wedding {a la The Office}; and a ton of cool-looking groom’s cakes to drool over!

Still a little lost on what your role should be in the planning grooms? Brides — need help directing him on what to do? The ManRegistry also hosts a Groom 101 section that “includes all of the articles, checklists, and tips that you {the groom} will need to get ready for the big day.” This is a great “short and to the point” area for the guys who want to make a difference but aren’t into all the pretty flowers and don’t obsess over centerpieces day-in and day-out.  Really, we do understand :).

Here is a small preview of the categories you can find over at Groom 101: wedding tips for grooms and wedding advice for grooms, bachelor party games, who to invite to the bachelor party, groomsmen duties, usher duties, wedding pranks, best man doesn’t like the bride, man showers.  Some of the categories are very sweet and romantic while others are, well definitely geared towards the male species (wedding pranks…really? :)).   


Hope you enjoy {and bookmark} this wonderful find!



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embossing = the answer?

So you all recall my current obsession/struggle with the dreaded invitation process right? {see here and here if not :)}  

Well friends, I think I have found a solution {and I’m super excited about it!}

To sum it all up real quick – I’m DiY’ing my invites on the computer to save on the $$green$$ {I can’t afford a fancy lil’ letter press} and using an at-home printer pretty much limits you to using white cardstock.  I’ve played around with numerous designs, layouts, color combos, etc. — you name it, I exhausted it. Got fed up. Quit. Researched more. Cycle continued. 

I want color but I don’t want outrageous designs on the white backing to evoke my wedding vibe and using just a few small details makes it look, well . . . boring.  I really want to be able to do as much as I can with the few options I have – and this does not make for an easy task. 

However, on that wonderful trip to Portland I talked about here, I stumbled into this magnificent little craft boutique called Paper Source – I fell in love. 

Inside Paper Source was a demonstration table which employees utilize to showcase store products . . . kind of like mini workshops. Well that day, they happened to be showcasing embossers. I was intrigued — as was my sister, my fellow Martha Stewart enthusiast (yes you, Marla) and our mini Martha-in-the-making (that’d be you Lex). 

So basically, embossers lend a special visual aesthetic to paper by adding texture to it. You need a stamp, ink pad, embossing powder and a heat gun. No, hair dryers do not work – I tried :).  The heat melts the powder, raising it and giving the stamp texture.  Best part – you can use it on colored cardstock, envelopes, etc.! {oh! and you can get glittered embossing powder – LOVE sparklies}




see it melting?



ta-daaaa! sparklies 🙂



{embossing with flock}

Here and here are more in-depth how-to’s, supply list and project pictures by a fellow DiY Bride if you’re interested!

Now, I got most of my supplies at Paper Source while there, but decided to check out Michaels’ options as well – and boy, did they have plenty! {check out their Martha Stewart section too – hellooo heaven :)}.  Okay –back on track — they have quite the variety of stamps, ink pads and powders – really anything your little heart may desire and LOTS of fun ideas.   I ended up buying my embossing gun there for $19.99, not bad :).  Take this little guy with you though, for a better deal!

Anyway, I’m so excited to start playing around with my splendid find and seeing what I can do to give bare invitations {or the outside of a colored envelope} that extra POP!

Not getting married but a craft-aholic too? Embossing is great for any occasion —  it allows you to leave a unique mark on gift bags, cards or plain stationary.  Check out the Paper Source blog for some rad ideas.




{just in time 🙂 – source}





PS I now have this strange urge to emboss every paper product I can get my hands on – Seattle City Light, how do you feel about aqua swirlies? hehe. What?  Who doesn’t love pretty colored designs!?

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A ::Thank You:: That Means Something

Thank you!

With the announcement of their engagement, many couples find people honoring their commitment with gifts, whether it’s a family friend offering a helping hand or your parents providing a budget.  As the happy couple, please remember that these gifts are a privilege and that the ring on your finger doesn’t entitle you to other people’s generosity.  My parents raised me to believe in the significance {and timeless effect} of a hand-written thank you, a small token of appreciation for what others are willing to do (or have done) for you . . . and so, this is an attitude I carry with me into the wedding planning process {not just the POST-NUPTIALS}.

When Kyle and I announced we were getting married, I was fortunate enough to have a very dear family friend {and mother to one of my BM’s} offer to host the rehearsal dinner at her house.  With a big wedding party and a big family, this means a lot to me. To not have to worry about getting the house and yard spotless, figuring out parking, deciding where the food should go, etc. the night before the big day will no doubt take stress off not only my shoulders, but my parents’ as well. This is a huge task to take on for someone else and I can’t tell them how much I appreciate it, thank you Mardine + Dave!

On the heels of this wonderful news came more. One of my mom’s closest friends, who, over the past two years, my fiancé and I have both grown very fond of, offered her services as our Day of Coordinator! With a little experience under her belt already, Syd will not only save us a few hundred bucks, but she will also provide us with a familiar face to turn to amongst the chaos of the big day. Thank you Syd!

Everyone has their own way of doing things, to me, writing in a card and mailing it off seemed thoughtful but . . . normal. I like to do things a little different and wanted to have fun with this.  So, with just a little creativity and a few bucks I created these quirky little thank yous to brighten up their day!

 thank yous

So remember, thanking through the process of the wedding lets those around you know you’re grateful for how they are willing to contribute to your special day and {everyone} likes to know when they are appreciated . . . it makes helping out much more meaningful to both parties.

{Special Shout Out} Thank you to Austin and Ronda {my second parents} for offering their beautiful home for the groom and groomsmen on the wedding day as well as my parents for being supportive {in every way} in this planning period so far.



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