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Victory #13 Pre-Ceremony Music

My uncle {dad’s brother} – a wonderful and talented musician – agreed to play his guitar for us, pre-wedding ceremony.  We’re including a cocktail hour {or rather, cocktail half hour} to allow our guests to dribble in, take photos for the guestbook, mingle and have a drink or two before the ceremony begins.  My uncle played his guitar as guests were being seated at his daughter’s wedding almost two years ago . . . and he sounded absolutely beautiful. 

This is how I imagine it going:

Guests: “Who’s that playing the guitar?”

Me: “My uncle.”

complete with a big smile on my face

makes me pretty proud

how cool is that

My Uncle Pat and dad @ my cousin, Heather’s wedding in 2008

{I have such a cool family to help me out so much}


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Victory #12: The Bridesmaid’s Dresses

a {stressful} victory – sorry ladies
 The bridesmaid dresses have been ordered! Actually, they were ordered back in January but I’ve put this post off this long because, well, I hated the process – to say the least.  I was so sure I had hit the style jackpot by discovering the whole mismatch, cohesive look with the BM’s outfit idea {see below}:
I still love the look . Big fan. Of the idea.  The process, I discovered = not as much fun. I’m just going to break down my whole reasoning here: the ladies pick the look that THEY are most comfortable in, think is the most flattering to their body type and in turn, feel and look amazing on my big day.  Easy enough, and hopefully, they love it so much they wear it again and reduce the chance of it just chilling in their closet for the next few years {I know, every bride tries to pass that one off}.
Now, let me get into the dress adventures that took over my winter . . . holy nightmare.
I still maintain, the different dress idea is complimentary and quite fantastic. I also thought my choice to let them choose was pretty cool {what bride doesn’t think their ideas are the best anway}.   Blah, blah, blah – you get the point of why I decided to ride this train.
Anyway, because my color was aqua and because aqua can really mean anything from baby blue to turquoise (which are actually really different), I picked the designer whose color was exactly what I was looking for, had good pricing and plenty of styles to choose from, then let the girls choose from there.  
I came up with a few pages of options, printed them out and handed them over.  A few decided to check out the designer themselves or didn’t find what they were looking for, or since I have BM’s in different cities, wanted to try on the ones they had seen online . . . which most weren’t carried in the stores {go figure}.  The indecisiveness in the “choosing” really began to freak me out a little. I’m sure I was already on edge more than I should’ve been, but it still happened.
Not all dresses came in the aqua direction I needed them to go. Hardly any were available in stores. And some had no clue what style was best . . . and since they weren’t in stores to try on, well . . . that’s where the stress {the “this isn’t fun anymore” stress} kicked in. I have six BM’s, that’s a lot to keep track of. Too many people to stress for. Some choose easily, some took forever. Some were sick of trying on dresses and STILL not having a clue what to do. It’s hard to force them to do something they’re sick of. It’s not fun either.
Fast forward to January and all six had their dresses picked out.  I hate to admit but a few “just had to pick” one, no more deciding and hee-hawing, we had to get these puppies ordered. I know they didn’t like my nagging and persistence – I wouldn’t either. But, we all got through it.
I really, truly thought this process would be easier; I just wanted them to feel beautiful on the day of the wedding. When the bride chooses the dress SHE wants, it takes all the guess work out of the equation and you don’t have time to think.  This whole wedding process has been about making decisions and it does get tiring, sometimes I wish someone would just tell me what to do.  It’d be a lot less stress on my mind.  I’m sure it would’ve been a lot less on theirs too.
 But then again, I don’t ever really do things the easy way. 
And my ladies will gorgeous when the day comes no matter what.
Oh yeah, and order them as early as you can – I ordered ours in January . . . they’ll be here mid-May.

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Victory #11: Cake


Yum. And a serious pretty factor going on here.

 The artist? Christie of Christie’s Cakes.

Christie and I met by way of my wonderful wedding photog, Phil of Stone Castle Photography (thanks Phil :)), and we were lucky enough to meet with Christie this past weekend while visiting her family in Tacoma. We even got to meet Christie’s mama – sweet family.

When we sat down with Christie we were pleasantly surprised with her wonderful – and completely delish – samples of vanilla bean and raspberry, fudge and Bavarian cream, lemon poppy seed with lemon mousse and chocolate with, get this, chocolate peanut butter frosting.  The FI was in love.

The samples were perfect. And my favorite part, we got to taste the filling. Seems obvious right? I’ve met with a couple bakers and tried the cakes at wedding shows and most are just cake and frosting. That’s it. The filling is the essence of the cake! Christie got this and completely served up samples we could get on board with.

Not only were the samples the highlight of our morning, but Christie was a pleasure to meet with. She was very genuine and was able to lead the conversation where I fell short.  When I meet with vendors, I’m counting on them to take the conversation if I don’t know what question to ask – she offered information. Made my job a lot easier.

This is the design we’ve decided to go with – simple but different. Looove the texture, it’s perfect. Now, I just have to pick my three flavors. Oh decisions, you never go away, do you. Especially cake decisions – they have to be the hardest. I want them all. Too many great flavors, I had to ask the expert to weigh in. I’ll keep you posted.

Yes! Another check off my to-do list and it feels so good. As far as dessert queens go, Christie’s takes the cake. Pun intended. Totally.

How sweet it is,

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Victory #10: The Registry


People started asking – so it was time to deliver.

If you remember back to this post, I talked a little bit about the problems I was having with registering and how I wanted a honeymoon registry only.  Afterall, we’ve lived together for quite some time now and aren’t in a permanent home yet – how am I supposed to know how I want to decorate my home if I don’t have it yet? How do I know what color drapes and dishes I’ll want in a year or two?

People kept encouraging me to register for traditional items, however, and added that some people may want to buy a gift for your home specifically.

To say the least, I caved. We did a regular wedding registry and a honeymoon registry.

The top three things the FI wanted going in:

1. California king-sized bed

2. Flat screen TV

3. Nike clothes

(that’s the wish list ;)).

Me? I had no clue, other than a couple cookware pieces I’d been eyeing (and I don’t even cook yet – key word) and some home entertaining fun stuff.

Registering sounds fun, and I’ll admit I did have it, but I was a little anxious for the following reasons:

1. I don’t know what I really need/want yet – I just don’t, it’s hard for me to look forward in that sense.

2. What we’re in now to me, is a house. I don’t have the will or want to completely decorate and style something I’ll be moving out of in a year – and with our pattern, we move every year :/

3. I don’t want to offend someone by putting something down that costs $75 – in the same turn, I don’t want to put the cheaper $25 version of that item down only to find it rust or break in a few years.

4. I don’t want china – does anyone even use the china sets they get for their wedding? Unless the Obamas are coming for dinner, regular dishes will work just fine.

However, walking through the aisles at Bed, Bath & Beyond (loooove btw), I realized a few things:

1. I like cleaning supplies – good, get-the-grit-out, cleaning supplies. Afterall they are my Friday night dates lately (am I already married?? :)).

2. I like to bake. I like cookies, cakes, pies – you name it. I like the supplies that come along with baking.

3. We entertain a lot – especially in the summer, or anytime near basketball playoffs, any Sunday with football, family birthdays and just this past year, holidays. So, a lot. And right now, we don’t always have enough stuff to entertain with (e.g., place settings, warmers, trays.).  BB&B had a lot of great ideas to choose from.

The conclusion: we registered mostly for the stuff that fell into categories 1, 2 and 3 above.  Oh yeah, and silverware. We never seem to have enough spoons. And wine glasses. Needed those too, red and white.

All in all, we registered at thee places – Honeyfund (for the honeymoon), Bed, Bath & Beyond (way practical and our fave) and Macy’s (Yakima doesn’t have a BB&B :().


At BB&B and Macy’s both – you can add to, and edit, your registries online, definite bonus.

At the point of registering too?

Check out these Yakima gift registry resources

Here are some wedding registry tips including the top 5 things you should splurge on and a comprehensive checklist.

Thinking of registering at Macy’s too? Check out their FAQs for more info!

Be victorious,


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Victory #9 Save the Dates

Officially done.

Officially sent out.


The photographer was my sister shot on our little Nikon digital.  The location, University of Washington’s Red Square at sunset on a warm September evening . . . how perfect.

The Process

I edited the picture using Adobe, changed the original writing on the card in my hands to display our wedding date, added the text in the left hand corner courtesy of dafont.com and gave the picture some texture, which I found on deviantART

I purchased a corner rounder to round the corner (not shown).  I just thought it made it look a little different, a little more sophisticated.

Since I didn’t want to over-crowd the front of the picture, I made the little label (see it up there?) and printed them onto round labels to adhere to the back.

I invited some of my girls over for a Save the Date stuffing party – complete with wine and appetizers, yum!

I was pretty proud of these little guys.  While it wasn’t quite the direction I thought I was going to go (see here), they turned out better than I anticipated.  I decided to keep them simple – it can be a huge statement. 

I had originally planned to send them out in December buuut they didn’t go out until the third of week of January – not bad, but I need to stay on track.

Check out my older posts for some DIY STD inspiration , the Knot’s suggestions for STD etiquette or this page for some creative spark!

Not quite the DIY type? Don’t forget to check out your local designers and resources!

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Victory #8: the deejay


{Stone Castle Photography}

dancing = tons of fun

You can let loose, free your mind, whirl + twirl, work off those cake and cocktail calories . . .

My family is the “let’s have fun”, dancin’ type and we will definitely be having a dance par-tay at our wedding. 

Got my friends.

Got my fam.

Got a dance-worthy occasion.

The last piece of the puzzle, a rad deejay – and I got him last weekend!

{check out my little interview/article in the new Yakima Valley Bride – I will post it later tonight}

To be honest, we did think about doing the whole iPod thing. . . . buuut, I don’t have time to make a playlist, complete with a wide range of booty-shakin’ tunes, find somewhere to rent speakers, find someone to set them up, rent mics, etc. etc.  It’s a hassle. Is there even money saved at that point, anyway?

Maybe yes. Maybe no. One thing I do know, is its one less thing for the me {the bride, the intern, the mom to a puppy and fiancé to a very busy basketball coach} to stress about. And that makes it sound so much more wonderful.  So, we made the decision to put in someone else’s hands.

I am picky about the music I want, and when I talked with Entertainment Plus DJ, I felt confident that I’d be getting what I wanted, not what the deejay thought was best.  The deejay however, isn’t called a Master of the Ceremony (MC) for nothin’!  They know how to play the tunes that keep the people on the dance floor and the reception moving throughout the night . . . I do not.

While I’ve got my wonderful deejay booked, however, I am still unsure about which kind of music I want played at certain points, if I want the garter toss, money dance . . . you get the idea.  How interactive do I want my guy to be? All things I have yet to ponder and mull over.  I trust Entertainment Plus that if I am against a certain “game”, forced activity, funky costume or whatever, that they will listen to me. I just want some cool tunes and a fun atmosphere, bottom line.

However, as a bride you need to think very thoroughly about what you want vs. what can happen.  If it weren’t for what this wonderfully helpful {and recent} Yakima bride had to say in reference to her deejay, I would never have thought about this stuff :
“…he refused to play a request my BROTHER made saying it was ‘inappropriate’ and further into the night he played a song I didn’t want and when I told my MOH to ask him to change…he replied to her “if the bride wants me to change the song you can tell her she needs to come to me.  Additionally after our toasts, he had us do a cheesy pose and smile for the camera…” 

So for my part, I realize I need to be up-front and forward with my concerns and thoughts in order to achieve the effect I expect.  Talk with the deejay and let him know the point of contact.  That’s something all brides should think about – don’t just assume it’ll turn out like you want.  Know what you’re looking for and make sure to convey those thoughts before they happen.  No cheesy, forced poses for me, please!

Still looking for your deejay? Check out YV Bride’s music list.

Still convinced you want to go the iPod route? Let this article help you make that happen. Or check out this horror story so you can take preventitve measures.

Still on the fence? Brush up on what you need to know BEFORE you choose an iPod for your event.

Still don’t have a clue? Here you go :).




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Victory #7: Transportation

Transportation . . . check!

Well, really, this baby will be used to get the bride {me} from the bride’s room to the exact spot where I’ll begin my walk down the aisle (across the little parking lot).  While it’s not a necessity, Cascade Gardens suggested this as an idea and well, I think it is pretty fashionable + fantastic — Uncle Bill sure came through for me here :).  Thank you Uncle Bill for offering your help, I love you!

{It’s a Mustang and I’m a horse fanatic — how perfect :)}


My uncle and my dad . . . how cute are they?!

Need ideas for transportation for your wedding? Check out Yakima Bride’s Transportation section here {there’s even horse drawn carriage ride infromation!}



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