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Victory #3: Videography


Stone Castle Photography

Last night, I wrote a check to Illumination Video and dropped it in the mail . . . yessss another check off the list and another burden off my shoulders {and a smile on my face :)}.  While I’m a little more impartial to photography, the FI is more concerned with the videography and he gladly and voluntarily took the reins on this job . . . and voila, success! Good job, honey!

Videography is a tricky thing — it’s not quite as accepted as a legitimate piece of the budget compared to photography {which that hasn’t even won everyone’s heart over} and some don’t understand it because they claim those prettily packaged memories will only become victims of dust bunnies and dark corners {I’ll admit you really do have to be in the mood to watch your entire wedding replayed}.  I won’t deny these opinions – in fact, yes, I even agree that this may be the fate of MY wedding video too. I know what you’re thinking. Why would I spend that much money then, right?

Well here goes . . .

August marked the 27th anniversary of my parents’ wedding and as a gift, my sister and I had their wedding video transferred onto DVD.  Done by a friend and very short in length {just the ceremony and receiving line}, it was the first time in my adult years that I sat down and watched the recording — start to finish. 

To be able to see my mother, so vibrant and beautiful, in her wedding gown; giggle at my dad’s “young man” moustache; watch as my grandfathers, with color in their hair, move so fluidly and easily; to gaze at the grandmother I was never able to know and be able to relive the presence of an aunt and uncle who were taken too soon — this all means the world to me. These are people whom I know more about today but less about who they were then.  It’s like uncovering a secret or going back in time . . . seeing my very own history play out.  I want to see my parents in the flesh so young in their joy, and in the beginning of a new life.   I want to watch them go through something I will find myself doing in just 291 days.

The sentiment of those moments and sharing them with my children and grandchildren, watching it 50 years from now, or going back to that day anytime I miss him is worth more than the energy it takes to wipe off the dust my video may collect in the next few years.

I have a zest to know and learn the history that runs through my blood and my fiancé’s blood alike.  I think everyone should discover their own stories and soak them up.  It allows you to learn more about yourself and who you are, make you feel less alone . . . it gives you a foundation to stand and grow on.

This is what videography means to me . . . at my wedding and on throughout my life.

Have I sold you yet? 

Our wedding isn’t until next summer but already I feel like we’re in good hands with owner, Bill Hogan. He was very easy to talk with and very willing to accommodate to our needs. Thank you Bill, we look forward to working with you next year!

For more information on Illumination Video, check out their website here or email Bill!



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Deals Around the Valley #7

Deals Around the Valley #7: $100 off any photography/videography package

KB Videography

Kira Baron, a Yakima Valley photographer and videographer, is offering $100 off any photography or videography package for weddings in the month of October 2009.

 A passionate artist, check out Kira’s site for more information on available dates, packages and contact information!

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