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Thrifting Bride

{ignore the writing on the blue bag – the pic was cute so whatev}

I’ve definitely developed quite the thrifting skills since I’ve been engaged. For the past year and a half I’ve scoured the shelves of Value Village, Goodwill and St. Vincent de Paul’s.  Oh, and yard sales – when applicable. The vintage fluff and knick knacks you can find really are amazing, so whatever preconceived notions (e.g., thrifting = grungy) you may have – get rid of them.  Secondhand stores are quickly becoming the new fad, don’t you know? Plus, it’s green, saves YOU money and allows the DIY bride to do her thing (I really wanted to put thang, but then realized I wasn’t 14).  And there is definitely an art and a skill set to develop when taking on this endeavor, though consistency alone will get you far.

Anyway, my current thrift obsession right now: vases. 


I’ve mentioned before how I love the look of multiple vases and minimal flowers.  And from all the budget + wedding blogs I’ve rummaged through (much like my resale stores), there tends to be a consensus that says it’s the cheaper way to go. Oh yeah – and I need vases + jars for my candy bar. Perfect.

My top two reasons for the large amount of vases + jars for my wedding:

1. Flowers die so you don’t need to spend an outrageous amount of money on them to get a cool look for your reception tables. 

2.  The thrifty vase idea is chic + trendy. I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to sell them as a package via Craigslist.  Ah the beauty of a virtual yard sale!  You’d be surprised at the stuff I’ve searched for and found on that site – vases, mason jars, left over wedding candles, Chinese paper lanterns . . . you get the drift.

Below are a few links and some tips for the newbie thriftier bride (hint: also take this into consideration for flea markets):

Thrift shops in Yakima – my favorite is The Olde Lighthouse Shoppe, which didn’t make that list

A few more on the outskirts

Flea Markets

Virtual Yakima yard sales

Real life Yakima yard sales 


10 Tips for Shopping at Thrift Stores via The Bargainist

 1. Don’t be afraid of used. If you’re not a veteran of thrift shops and garage sales, you might be someone who only buys new stuff. Break free from that predjudice, because even if it’s been owned before, an item can be perfectly good (sometimes great) — and more importantly, it costs much less.

2. Be willing to spend a little time looking. Thrift shops can have some real gems — but sometimes they’re buried in piles of stuff you’d never consider buying. You’ve got to search, to sift, to rummage, to be patient. In fact, you may have to go through several thrift shops before you find what you’re looking for, if you’re picky. Think of it as a journey, not a quick stop, and you’ll find many more great things.

3. Sell your old stuff for credit. Before you go to a thrift shop, pull a bunch of old clothes from your closet, old books and magazines, anything you don’t need anymore. Put them in some boxes, and sell them to the thrift store for credit. You’ve purged a bunch of clutter while allowing yourself to get some great used stuff for free.

4. Bring cash. Most thrift stores don’t take anything but cash, so if you’re used to using plastic or checks, be sure to remember to stop at an ATM and get some cash.

5. Shop outside of cities. If you live in a city, you might find that most of the thrift shops closest to you have been picked through thoroughly. Many times the thrift shops in cities don’t have much to offer. But drive a few minutes just outside the city, and you’ll find many more great things. It may be wiser to wait until you’re going outside the city, and take advantage of that trip by stopping at thrift stores in the area.

6. Go with friends. Make it a fun outing. Hunting for great stuff in thrift stores with friends can be a real blast. Even if you don’t find anything, if you’ve spent a good afternoon with friends, making jokes and making fun of the stuff in the stores… well, it’s not a wasted day.

7. No dressing rooms. Most thrift stores have no place to change. So be willing to eyeball it and alter the clothes later to fit better. Or wear a tight-fitting tank top so you can try shirts on over it.

8. Look beyond the surface. Furniture, especially, can be scratched up, but still be a great find. Instead of paying attention to the nicks and scratches, consider how it’ll look if you sand and varnish, or give it a fresh coat of paint. Sometimes an hour of work can make it as fresh as new.

9. TheThriftShopper.com. Enter your zip code on this site and you’ll get all the thrift shops in your area, ratings and reviews of each, and tons of great info.

10. Test things out. If you’re buying electronics, insist on testing them. For toys with batteries, open up the battery case to see if there’s corrosion. Look closely at other items. A few defects are OK, but you want to look closely, because you don’t want to take it home and find that it’s useless.

 Thrift it. Find it. Love it. Own it.

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DiY Templates

Check out these adorable invitation + save the date templates, courtesy of the ladies over at Wedding Chicks!  What makes these templates more adorable, is that they are FREE for download! Yep, WC is offering these cute + customizable layouts for free, all you need is paper and a printer and you’re good to go!  Check out some of my fave designs below:




{grey + yellow}


{swirl invite}


{fit for a king + queen}

Also, if you are DIY’ing your own invites or other paper products, check out these free fonts from dafont.com, I love them!  Have fun mixing up your text to match the theme + feel of your wedding. Check out more free templates here and enjoy browsing!

{I love the calligraphy looks}!







 {holiday weddings}


{Holiday Home}


A few of my other faves:

A whimsical font: akaFrivolity

A fancy font: Mutlu Ornamental Font

A good signature one: Jey Font

Western themed wedding: Nashville Font

Clean, crisp and retro: Riesling Font

Very simple, very easy: Men in Black Credits Font

Hope you have fun perusing all the fun|neat fonts available to you, I know I did :)!




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feeling {nostalgic}

I’ve been feeling very nostalgic lately.  I love the movies, the style, the music of {way back when}.  I’ve always been fascinated by my parents’ and grandparents’ childhood photos and the time they grew up in. Everything seemed peaceful . . . and beautiful. I am very drawn to this world I can only know through others’ words and their memories on paper.  The source of the nostalgia came when I went home last weekend and discovered an old photo album in my parents’ closet.  To my delight, the album was full of pictures from their wedding day in {August 1982}.  I’d seen all these pictures before, but I looked at them differently now . . . I looked at them and saw me and my future husband standing there just like my parents had 27 years ago.  In order to hold on to that feeling of {bliss}, I created this collage to remind myself to smile amongst all the haste and stress of planning my wedding and to look forward to the joy of being married to a wonderful man.

Mom and Dad vintage collage

My parents’ wedding August 21, 1982

 On another note, I recently came across these {BEAUTIFUL} vintage engagement photos. Finding them very fitting to my mood, I wanted to share them with you. They serve as a stunning inspiration to anyone who is as fascinated by the past as I am. 


 JSPhotoJoeJulieBlog_02  JSPhotoJoeJulieBlog_22


Jen Stewart Photography



From Vintage Glam Weddings

While these photos aren’t necessarily my future husband’s idea of an engagement session, I think I talked him into having a little fun {like this} with ours :).  If this isn’t your idea of what the engagement photos should be either, I suggest searching through wedding and photography blogs on the net for a look that fits you.  For some hometown inspiration check out Stone Castle Photography for unique settings, Mind Castle Studios for a modern look or Memory Montage Productions for a touch of old school charm (as seen on their Facebook page).  Regardless of your style, just remember this is a great opportunity to have fun, be romantic and be playful.  When else do you get to dress up for a photo shoot?!



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