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Movie Review – #1

Movie Review #1 – It Had To Be You vs. Runaway Bride


it had to be you 


runaway bride

{a little Runaway for you}

It Had to be You is the 1947 version of Runaway Bride and I am absolutely crazy about both of them (there was a version made in the ‘90s, however, that I do not recommend seeing)!  In the original adaptation, the talented and beautiful Ginger Rogers, plays a wealthy young woman –Victoria — who has been engaged three times and had changed her mind at the very last minute.  Now engaged a fourth time, she is determined to marry this one.  However, a dream with a strange man dressed as an Indian breaks up the wedding and causes Victoria, once again, to have doubts.  Those doubts get even bigger when she discovers her dream Indian is, in fact, real.  An insinuation of a real-life dream-man, Victoria struggles with a decision between her fourth engagement and her newfound sweetheart.  A solid movie with plenty of humor, this movie transcends time and has definitely found its way into my heart.

Now for Runaway Bride – another great from the Richard Gere and Julia Roberts team!  Describing herself as “profoundly and irreversibly screwed up”, Maggie Carpenter is a woman who always flees her groom in premarital panic at the very last minute (just like Victoria!).  Catching wind of Maggie’s distinctive trait, New York columnist, Ike Graham, decides to investigate further.  Following her like prey in the activities surrounding her upcoming wedding the two begin to learn a lot about each other – and themselves. 

Both movies are great but I think the latter version (love Julia Roberts) wins my heart {and cake slices} this time 🙂

Lesson Learned:  Trust yourself and know what it is that you really want out of the person you intend to spend the rest of your life with – the first time 😉

Best for: Anyone who loves those good ol’ romantic comedies – both are great for getting into wedding mode on a lazy afternoon {despite the fact that the films are based around Maggie and Victoria getting out of them!}.

My Rating:

Julia’s version of the commitment-phobe bride gets 5 slices . . . more {please}

wedding cake slicewedding cake slicewedding cake slicewedding cake slicewedding cake slice


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Movie Review #2

Movie Review #2 – The Bachelor Party

bachelor party 

{note: this film is rated R – not quite for everyone}

{a little peek for ya}

I think you’re expecting this by now… here’s the tagline for this ‘80s flick: Shocking, Shameless, Sinful, Wicked. And the party hasn’t even started. A man’s tradition every woman should know about.  Brides, that got your attention didn’t it? There is a whole world of ‘guy’ out there that we just either aren’t aware of (yet) or remain ignorant to. This film gives you an enlightened {and hilarious} insight in what guys really think a bachelor party entails. Though I haven’t seen it yet, I feel like The Hangover may be the new version of The Bachelor Party.

A young Tom Hanks plays the role of the easy-to-love {yet very flippant} bus driver Rick, who is engaged to Debbie, a high society patron’s young daughter (Tawney Kitaen – who, in her pre-train wreck days, was quite delightful in the film).  Rick’s rowdy friends decide to throw him a bachelor party of all parties at a fancy 5-Star hotel in town.  Catching wind of the festivities, Debbie’s father {who detests Rick} seizes the opportunity to break the two up by enlisting the help of her {vengeful} ex-boyfriend, Cole.  Throughout the night, the duo continues to disrupt the plans in hopes of eventually disrupting the marriage between Rick and Debbie.  I’m sure you can guess that the rest of the night is filled with wild surprises – everything from cheesy ‘80s music {love it} and fashion to hookers and a little nudity.  If you take the movie for what it is – a mischievous, all-in-fun affair – it’s easy to laugh at this slightly offensive comedy.  This film is surely a new {guilty pleasure} 🙂

Best for: Bride’s who are comfortable with, and trust their groom enough, to let him loose with his buddies for a “last outing”.  If you are not that bride . . . don’t watch this, it may cause panic 🙂  

Lesson Learned: be good grooms 😉 – applies to some of you brides as well!

My Rating

My first experience of this ‘80s-cheesy, but quite amusing mayhem, gets 5 slices from me . . . more {please}

wedding cake slicewedding cake slicewedding cake slicewedding cake slicewedding cake slice

And in a raunch second place for the day. . . American Wedding


{again, rated R – not for everyone}

{I’m sure most of you have seen it but just in case ;)}

And it’s another classically crude + inappropriate wedding comedy that showcases the not-so-delicate side of the big day.   In the third installment of the American Pie trilogy, the outrageous + wild Stifler is back as he almost ruins the pending nuptials of Jim and his ignorant sweetheart, Michelle.  From beginning to end, the movie is full of bizarre gags, unrealistic {but laugh-worthy} disasters and just plain wrong behavior including naughty under-the-table deeds, dog poo and an unfortunate shaving mishap . . . all courteous of the Pie gang.

Lesson Learned: Keep a close eye on the “Stifler” at your wedding!

Best for: Anyone who has the ability to laugh at dirty jokes + face-scrunching behavior . . . probably not suitable for the prim and proper.

 My Rating

Let the Pie gang eat cake! I give them 4 slices {I couldn’t give them less than Monster-In-Law!} . . . YUM!

 wedding cake slicewedding cake slicewedding cake slicewedding cake slice



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Movie Review #3

#3 – Father of the Bride (1950 vs. 1991)

 Father of the Bride 1950   


Father of the Bride 1991

{i fancy the classics}

ATTENTION: Mom and dad before you read any further I need to distract you with this real quick:


Ok so…

In this little film venture of mine I rediscovered movie tag lines and how much fun they are . . . in fact they are quickly becoming my favorite part of the project! For both versions of this film, I found three tag lines that just {tickled} me!

“Love is wonderful. Until it happens to your daughter.”

“The Bride gets the THRILLS! Father gets the BILLS!”

“Here comes the bride, there goes dad’s wallet!”

Cute, right? hehe

{I’m sorry dad, I’m sure you have a different take on these tag lines – mom too}

Last night was the first time I’d seen the original Father of the Bride and I loved it (I know I say I love them all, but I really do!)  There is something so timeless and elegant about old movies that just captivates me.  Spencer Tracy did a wonderful job as the father of the bride, Stanley Banks, who ends up getting caught in the whirlwind of his daughter’s wedding day.  Afraid of losing his little girl to another man, Stanley doesn’t seem so supportive of the nuptials until, he too, is swept off his feet by the charming Buckley. 

It’s funny to see Stanley and his wife struggle with figuring out the technicalities of the wedding back in the ‘50s when the wedding industry isn’t anything like it is today (whom to invite, whom not to invite, what’s the budget, do we need a wedding planner, etc.) . . . I really feel like this movie was ahead of its time as the problems they faced are ones many couples {us} are looking at right now.  With a penny pinching mindset at first, the Banks ended up with a 250-person guest list! That’s even large by today’s standards! This is a small detail that eluded me in the 1991 Steve Martin version, which 250 people for a wealthy family’s wedding didn’t seem as far-out-there to me. 

While Stanley (Spencer Tracy) and George (Steve Martin) definitely reflect one another in their gruff yet charming ways, its Tracy’s version of the stubborn father who struggles with letting his little girl grow up that I prefer.

Oh, there is a scene in the 1991 version though, where George makes the sweetest comment to Annie, it has a very genuine warm and fatherly feel to it *sigh* 

Annie: What? What’s that face?
George: It’s nothing.
Annie: Oh, is this going to cost you more money?
George: No. It’s just… I know I’ll remember this moment, for the rest of my life.


Lesson Learned: Let dad in on the thrills and help out with the bills {when you can – if not use your resources wisely ;)} and remember to appreciate him for every last bit of it!

Best for: The bride and grooms whose parents are willing to chip in {not only} their wallet, but their attention, care and effort to make this day special to you and your significant other. It’s just a small sneak peek into the pressure of the party and the anxiety of letting go {just a little} your folks may be going through.



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Movie Review #4

#4 – My Best Friend’s Wedding

My Best Friend's Wedding


 #4 – My Best Friend’s Wedding

Best friends, and ex-college lovers, Julianne and Michael, made a pact to marry one another following their 28th birthdays if they hadn’t found “the one”.  Years later, with the deadline approaching, Julianne is expecting a proposal when Michael calls.  However, she only receives news that he’s {engaged} to be married in four days!    Bemused by the rush of it all, Michael arrives in their hometown {Chicago} and solicits “Jewels’” help in planning the wedding and acquainting his fiancée to their home town.  However, realizing the man she has loved all along is about to be married, the film is full of Julianne’s quirky ways to sabotage the imminent vows. I love, love, love this film and can’t get enough of Julia’s eccentric {i-love-life} laugh!

Lesson Learned: Though Julia’s antics, Cameron’s sunny disposition and Rupert’s witty remarks are sure to make you laugh and keep you entertained . . . Remember this: find where your heart is at and decide what to do about it, before it’s too late.

Film is Best For: Those of you fell in love with your best friend and who truly understand the weight of the phrase, “I’m going to marry my best friend”! 🙂

My Rating:

I give this destined relationship 5 slices …. more {please}

wedding cake slicewedding cake slicewedding cake slicewedding cake slicewedding cake slice

Honorable Mention – Monster-In-Law




PLEASE TAKE NOTE: this film in no way reflects the feeling or attitude I harbor for my mother-in-law {I absolutely respect and adore her}.  However, I think it’s a charming comedy about dealing with the not-so-loveable ones!

When Viola (Jane Fonda), a highly revered television journalist, gets canned by her network, she decides to focus her possessive and ruthless attention on the recent engagement of her son (Michael Vartan) and his fiancée Charlie (Jennifer Lopez).   Seeing Charlie as a threat, Fonda’s character continually pushes Charlie’s buttons in hopes of pushing her completely out. When Charlie has finally had enough, she retaliates, giving Viola a taste of her own medicine in which plenty of slapstick comebacks ensue . . . war is on!

Lesson Learned: As entertaining as it is for the viewer, make sure to resolve major issues (i.e. feuding with your mother-in-law) PRIOR to your wedding day . . . brides, I’m sure you’ll have enough to stress about!

Film is Best For: Brides with overbearing mother-in-laws.  This movie sheds a humorous light on having to deal with the dilemma . . . stick to living out your desires through Charlie 🙂

 My Rating:

As catty as they are, I think this mother- & daughter-in-law rival deserves 4 slices …. YUM!

wedding cake slicewedding cake slicewedding cake slicewedding cake slice


{ i may be a little generous on my slices 🙂 }

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Movie Review #5

Okay sorry I slacked this weekend, I was not ready for my first day of marathon month…this is not the precedent for the rest of the month, {I PROMISE}. Since I am a day behind, this week’s posts will run Tuesday through Saturday…Enjoy!

#5 My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Big Fat Greek Wedding movie 


I’m not Greek, but I love the tag line of this movie “Love is here to stay . . . so is her family”.  This lighthearted romance is a simple love story and an easy watch and {may be more appreciated by my brides than by my grooms ;)}. Toula is stuck in the ideals of her Greek parents and doesn’t understand some of the wishes they expect her to adhere to.  However, Toula eventually breaks out of her reclusive shell and changes into a bold and charming woman, who ends up falling in love with a non-Greek – a small detail her parents struggle with.  Torn between her family and her love, this film addresses the role of tradition, eccentric family behavior and how to deal with not quite so approving parents. 

Lesson Learned: A funny film about love, Toula and Ian teach us all that a little patience and understanding are key to putting up with your {parents and in-laws} in order to earn the respect as a legitimate addition to the family.

Film Is Best For: Those of you with {or marrying into} crazy family antics that may seem hard to put up with but easy to love!

My Rating:

I give this laughable love connection 4 slices of cake…YUM!

 wedding cake slicewedding cake slicewedding cake slicewedding cake slice

Runner Up – That Old Feeling


That Old Feeling movie

This is definitely not a movie for everyone! Ex-partners, Lilly and Dan, are thrown together for the sake of their daughter’s wedding which neither seem to be happy about.  Negative about the thought of marriage in the first place, the two end up stealing the show and causing a huge scene during the wedding’s reception.  While Dan and Lilly’s love re-connects, this romantic comedy is more about the parents than it is the newlyweds.  The lackluster storyline’s best features come in the form of Bette Midler and Dennis Farina’s incessant slams on each other and their significant others {my fave “Why don’t you whistle for your broomstick, maybe it will come and get you!” – Dennis Farina to Bette Midler}. 

Lesson Learned: Don’t let your feuding folks ruin your big day!

Film Is Best For: Those of you wrought with stress at the thought of having to counsel your bickering divorced parents on your wedding.

My Rating:

Just 2 ½ slices for this one, don’t think I’ll be going back for seconds

 wedding cake slicewedding cake slicewedding cake slice   


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