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real life DiY photobooth

Good morning readers!  Remember my DiY photobooth post ? Well Amy, of Memory Montage Prodcutions , sent me this real life DiY Photobooth from a wedding they shot this September.  I absolutely {love} the pictures from this session — they look SO fun and almost mirror exactly what I showed in my post! It makes me even more excited to set one up for my own wedding  :).




hot chicks

don't talk back




we love gina



 I hope my guests have as much fun with my photobooth as these guys seemed to have had! Thank you Amy for sharing all these {fabulous} pictures . . . it makes me so excited to try my own :).



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DiY Photobooth

I love pictures. I love taking them. I love posing for them. I love posing other people for them. I love making collages. I love giving picture gifts. . . . you get the idea. Pictures, to me, represent those moments and the details that add that extra little bit of spice to your life; they spark joyful memories, begin conversations and tell your story to those who didn’t know you when. To me, they are essential accessories to life. 

So, what does this have to do with weddings in particular? Well, a recent trend that I have absolutely fallen in love with, is taking pictures of your guests for the guestbook (maybe it’s not the trend that’s new, maybe it’s just me ;)). Remember, not everyone will make their way into the professional wedding photos, but that doesn’t mean they are any less important.  These people are here for you and this is a great way to keep them close to your heart when you look back. . . a wedding is just as much about the people who surround you, support you and love you in life as it is about the couple starting their journey together. 

Anyway, last year, my cousin had rented one of those retro-looking photo booths for her guests and EVERYONE loved it and kept going back for more of its {charming} fun.  However, photo booths don’t always fit into the budget, but there is another option: go the DiY route {always think DiY :))!

Lately, I’ve been reflecting on my photo booth DiY options and found these cute little pictures for inspiration:


Wedding Bee

{love the idea of using props – gives the camera-shy something to smile about ;)}



Monolo Brides

{what a cute accessory}


The Wed Hub

{so delightful}



{colorful fun}

First thing to do is make sure there is an area that would be appropriate for the photo booth at your venue. Next, find your backdrop. Check to see what you have around the house that would match the theme of your wedding. Ikea is another good option for something playful and fairly inexpensive.  Drop It Modern also offers a variety of {ultra chic} and pretty cool backdrops; my favorite is Urchin :).

From there, decide whether you are going to build a frame, string it or hang it. 

I also really like the idea of offering props to your guests. It can help ease the nerves and lighten the mood of having to pose for a picture they may not want to be in. Try searching Value Village and costume stores right after Halloween for some cheap finds on wigs, big sunglasses, hats, boas etc.! Another cute idea is to purchase a small chalkboard and colored chalk and let guests send a picture message. Make sure to have a few though, or your line may get too backed up!

Anyway this a chance to let your guests have fun and relax before your ceremony, it sets the tone for the day and gets everyone involved. . . I love it!



P.S. A link {for you} to a more detailed DiY instruction list for your photo booth . . . enjoy!


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